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June 2018
vragen 'to ask'
May 2018
lijden 'to suffer' and leiden 'to lead' ‑>>
April 2018
krijgen ('to get, to be given')
geven ('to give')
nemen ('to take')
zoeken ('to search, loook for')
vinden ('to find')
halen ('to get, collect')
brengen ('to Bring')
January 2018
Denken 'to Think'
November 2017
Laten 'to Let, Allow' (etc.)
Maken 'to Make'
May 2017
Moeten 'Must, Should, Have to' etc.
December 2016
Word Order, Sentence Structure
September 2016
Zien - to See
Horen - to Hear
Kijken - to Look
Zeggen - to say
Spreken - to Speak
Praten - to Talk, Chat
Vertellen - 'to Tell'
Schrijven - to Write
Lezen - to Read
Komen - 'to Come'
'to Know' - Kennen or Weten
July 2016
Verbs: Gaan - 'to go'
June 2016
Spelling and Pronunciation 2
May 2016
Spelling and Pronunciation 1
Smartphone Program for Learning Dutch
Aprl 2016
Verbs: Willen - 'to want to, desire, wish'
March 2016
Verbs: Mogen - 'may, be allowed to'
Verbs: Kunnen - 'can, be able to'
Verbs: Doen - 'to do'
Februari 2016
Prepositions Pictorial
December 2015
Punctuation Marks and Grammar Terms
November 2015
Reflexive Verbs
November 2015
A Dutch Continuous and
zitten - 'to sit' - liggen - 'to lie down'
lopen - 'to walk' - staan - 'to stand'
The Passive Voice and worden
The Future Tense and zullen
October 2015
The Changes of Strong Verbs
The Perfect Tenses - hebben and zijn
The Past Tense - The Present Tense
The Verb Stem - Verbs Introduction
September 2015
Elementary Words Pictures Dictionary
(3 pages)
Time - Numbers
Identical words and False Friends
Pronunciation Exercise
Food Pictures Dictionary:
[plate of food]
[loaf of bread]
other food
August 2015
Smartphone, 1-column version of the
Basic Dutch Words (24 pages)
March 2015
started Flash Card Exercises
(a vocabulary and a listening series, about 55 pages)

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