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Learning Dutch Program - Smartphone Pages Version

Start with learning some everyday words:
First Words (3 pages, with pictures)
Food Words (4 pages, with pictures)

Spelling and Pronunciation
Dutch spelling is mostly phonetic. When you know the rules, you can tell from the written word how it is pronounced, and you can tell how a word is written when you hear it. Study Spelling and Pronunciation

Prepositions, Numbers and Time
Study Prepositions (with pictures) - Numbers and Time

More Words
Continue with the about 1000 Basic Dutch words (25 pages, no pictures)

Vocabulary Tests:
770 'Basic' Words (English to Dutch)
(Pictures to Dutch Words:) Example and Start

Listening Tests:
Example and Start
770 Basic Nouns

Flash Cards Intro and Overview

A Pronunciation Exercise

Learn the personal pronouns and the forms of verbs: Start - Verbs Pages Menu. After learning the conjugation in the various tenses of the verbs, go on to pages about the common verbs and study the examples.

Word Order
Where are the various elements placed in the lines? - Sentence Structure

Desktop and Tablet Pages
There are no smartphone pages yet about some of the basic Dutch grammar. Study the Plurals and learn some Basic Dutch phrases - 2 - 3 on 'regular' pages

A quick review of Dutch grammar: 1-Page Summary

If you know English well, my Easy Dutch pages offer another approach to learning Dutch

On the Site Map you may find other pages on subjects of interest

For advancing students, there are 'templates' with model sentences in various subjects, like Food and Drink - Weather - Travel - Sleep - Jobs and Lines of Work - The Senses - Life and an extended page about Time

Advanced students may also be interested in the Disambiguation pages (mostly about prepositions)
It will also be useful (and entertaining!) to get to know some Dutch Sayings and Idiom

Good Dutch Smartphone Pages

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