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Dutch Verb 'Zullen' (shall/will) - Smartphones Page

'Zullen' click to hear is the auxiliary verb for the future tense in Dutch. See the future tense page - also for sample sentences.

zullen will, shall
ik zal I will
wij zullen we will
ik zou I would
wij zouden we would
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simple present tense
(zullen click to hear ) shall/will
ik zal I will/shall
jij zult you will (singular, informal you)
hij zal he will
wij zullen we will/shall
jullie zullen you will (plural, informal you)
zij zullen they will
U zult you will (polite you)
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Jij zal click to hear 2 ('you will') and U zal are also said
Note that there is no T in jij zal and hij zal

simple present question mode
zal ik? will/shall I?
zul jij? will you?
zal hij? will he?
zullen wij? will/shall we?
zullen jullie? will y'all?
zullen zij? will they?
zult U? will you?
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zal jij? click to hear ('will you?') is also an acceptable variation

simple past tense
ik zou I would
jij zou you would
hij zou he would
wij zouden we would
jullie zouden y'all would
zij zouden they would
U zou you would
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There is no past participle gezuld,  but there is a past tense like
ik had zullen ... click to hear I would have ... - more

See the future tense page for sample sentences.

Old Forms

An old form of 'zullen' is still found in the Bible. It's an imperative.

Gij zult niet doden click to hear 2 Thou shalt not kill

Gij zult niet stelen click to hear Thou shalt not steal

Gij zult de meerderheid in het kwade niet volgen click to hear 2 3 ['Thou shalt not follow the majority into evil']
Do not follow the majority when they do wrong

In modern Northern Dutch, 'gij' click to hear 2 and 'ge' click to hear are like English 'thou' - but in Flemish they're still in common use.

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'