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Halen   click to hear 2 can be translated as 'to get' - to collect, obtain, acquire, fetch - with some effort, some action required
'Krijgen' click to hear can also be translated as 'to get,' but it is usually with less effort, like presents, 'to be given' the 'Krijgen' page
See also pakken click to hear 2 3 1. to get, grab, collect, 'get a physical hold of' ‑>>
Study the examples for a better understanding of the meaning
Sample Sentences
Compound Verbs with 'Halen'
Related Words

Halen   click to hear 2 'to get, collect, obtain, acquire' is a weak verb of the non-kofschip type, so it has ‑DE, ‑DEN and ‑D endings in the past tense and past participle. The word may be distantly related to English 'to haul.' Sometimes you can think of 'halen' as 'to reach'

overview 1
halen to get
ik haal I get
ik haalde I got
ik heb gehaald I have gotten
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overview 2
halen to get
ik haal I get
wij halen we get
ik haalde I got
wij haalden we got
ik heb gehaald I have gotten
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For the change from single to double A see Adjectives

simple present tense
halen to get
ik haal I get
jij haalt you get (singular, informal you)
hij haalt he gets
wij halen we get
jullie halen you get (plural, informal you)
zij halen they get
U haalt you get (polite you)
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simple past tense
(halen) to get
ik haalde I got
jij haalde you got
hij haalde he got
wij haalden we got
jullie haalden y'all got
zij haalden they got
U haalde you got
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present perfect tense
ik heb gehaald click to hear I have gotten
auxiliary verb hebben

Sample Sentences

een frisse neus halen click to hear Getting [a fresh nose] some fresh air (going outside)

Wat je ver haalt is lekker click to hear 2 (saying) What you get from far away tastes good

Hij weet waar Abraham de mosterd haalt click to hear 2 (saying) 'He knows where Abraham gets mustard' - said of a knowledgeable person, but it can also be said ironically of a not-too-bright person Waar haalt Abraham de mosterd? click to hear 2 Where does Abraham get the mustard?

Ik moest rennen om de bus te halen click to hear 2 3 I had to run to catch the bus

De schipper haalde een handvol graankorrels uit een zak van z'n jasje click to hear The skipper pulled a handful of wheat from a pocket of his coat
from a folktale

Ouwe koeien uit de sloot halen click to hear 2 (saying) [Dredging up old cows from the ditch] pointless talk about foregone matters, beating a dead horse

een examen halen click to hear 2 3 4 to pass an exam, test zakken voor een examen click to hear 2 to fail an exam, test

Je hebt 't gehaald! click to hear 2 3 'You made it! You got it!' (You were successful, you reached your goal)

also:  slagen click to hear 2 3 4 'to succeed, pass a test, get what you want'

slagen to succeed, pass a test
ik slaag I ~succeed
wij slagen we ~succeed
ik slaagde I ~succeeded
wij slaagden we ~succeeded
ik ben geslaagd I have ~succeeded
click to hear 2 3 4

Ik ben geslaagd click to hear 2 1. I have succeeded, I was successful, I got what I wanted
2. I passed the exam (or test)
Ben je geslaagd? click to hear 2 3 1. Did you pass the exam (or test)
usually: 2. Did you get what you wanted?

Compound Verbs with 'Halen'

'Verhalen' click to hear is the plural of (het) verhaal click to hear 2 - but it can also mean 'to speak about events in a storylike manner,' or 'to regale'

Some compound verbs with 'halen' are good examples of the 'splitting' and 'inseparable' verbs:

achterhalen to retrieve, find out
ik achterhaal I'm finding out
ik achterhaalde I found out
ik heb achterhaald I have found out
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Hij heeft 't achterhaald click to hear 2 3 4 He was able to retrieve it (hidden , hard-to-find information) In this saying, 'achterhalen' click to hear 2 means 'to overtake'
Al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel click to hear 2 3 4 ['However quick a lie may be, the truth will overtake it'] - Lies won't last, truth will come out eventually And the adverb achterhaald click to hear means (figuratively) 'overtaken' - 'no longer relevant,' replaced by newer thinking, 'moot'

overhalen to persuade
ik haal over I'm persuading
ik haalde over I persuaded
ik heb overgehaald I have persaded
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herhalen to repeat
ik herhaalde I repeated
ik heb herhaald I have repeated
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Herhaal de oefening click to hear 2 Repeat the exercise (more below)

afhalen to pick up, collect
ik haalde af I picked up
ik heb afgehaald I have picked up
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The prepositions BE-, ER-, GE-, HER-, ONT- and VER- are 'inseparable.' Otherwise, the preposition comes off when it carries the stress of the word - more

Nouns can also be part of compound verbs
haal diep adem click to hear 2 / diep ademhalen click to hear take deep breaths, breathe deep ademhalen click to hear 2 3 4 5 to breathe
(de) ademhaling click to hear 2 breath, breathing

'Ophalen' click to hear is literally 'to haul up,' usually 'to raise, lift up, bring up' - but it can also mean something like 'to collect, pick up'
herinneringen ophalen click to hear 2 to reminisce, bringing up memories We zaten gezellig herinneringen op te halen click to hear 2 We were reminiscing pleasantly, we were having a good time chatting about the past

Wie heeft jullie opgehaald? click to hear 2 Who came by to pick you up? (for instance, at a train station or airport)

neerhalen click to hear 2 to [haul] bring down (enemy airplanes, for instance)

kielhalen click to hear 2 'to keelhaul,' to punish (someone) by dragging them through the water under the keel of a ship, a punishment on old ships that often led to the death by drowning of the condemned person

haalbaar click to hear 2 ['can be reached'] - feasible, really possible
(de) ophaalbrug click to hear 2 'drawbridge,' a bridge that can be lifted

herhaling click to hear 2 'repeat, repetition'
Niet voor herhaling vatbaar click to hear 2 3 [After a disappointment: 'not to be repeated'] - 'Let's not do (or have) that again' Je moet niet in herhaling vervallen click to hear 2 3 [Don't fall into repetitions] - Don't repeat yourself (de) repetitie click to hear 2 (3) 'test (in secondary school)' // 'rehearsal'

(het) verhaal click to hear 2 'story' ‑>>
Een lang verhaal click to hear a long story Dat is een ander verhaal click to hear 2 That's another story

'catch,' something caught is (de) vangst click to hear 2
(de) visvangst click to hear 'haul,' (amount of) fish caught

Van Halen click to hear
Between the towns of Beilen click to hear 2 and Assen click to hear were two villages or hamlets called Hooghalen click to hear 2 3 ('high -') and Laaghalen click to hear 2 3 4 5 ('low -') that taken together were called just 'Halen' click to hear 2
"gewoon doorfietsen!" click to hear 2 3 'Just keep pedaling, bike on' (Eddie van Halen said, "if you make a mistake, do it twice, and smile - that way, people will think you meant to do it that way." He shared a Dutch phrase of his father's, also a musician - quoted in The Wall Street Journal)

See also: brengen 'to bring'

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