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Dutch Verb 'worden' (to be - for the Passive Voice) - Smartphones Page

'Worden click to hear 2 is the auxiliary verb for the passive voice in Dutch ('to be' in English) but it can also mean 'to become.'
Find 'worden as 'become' examples below and 'worden for the passive voice examples on the the passive voice page

(worden) to be - for the passive voice
ik word I am
jij wordt you are (singular, informal you)
hij wordt he is
wij worden we are
jullie worden you are (plural, informal you)
zij worden they are
U wordt you are (polite you)
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In Dutch, a D at the end of a word is pronounced as T, double vowels are pronounced the same as single vowels, and DT is pronounced as T.
'Word' and 'wordt' sound exactly the same:
ik word click to hear 2 / hij wordt click to hear 2
Dutchmen often make spelling mistakes with 'word' and 'wordt,' writing 'ik wordt' or 'hij word.'

(worden) to be - for the passive voice
word ik? am I?
word jij? are you? (singular, informal)
wordt hij? is he?
worden wij? are we?
worden jullie? are y'all?
worden zij? are they?
wordt U? are you? (polite)
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(worden) to be - for the passive voice
ik werd I was
jij werd you were
hij werd he was
wij werden we were
jullie werden y'all were
zij werden they were
U werd you were
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'Worden as 'to become'

Next to auxiliary verb for the future tense, Dutch 'worden click to hear 2 can also mean 'to become' - a development, turning into, or as my dictionary says, 'begin to be.' Colloquially, English also says 'to get.'
In the 'perfect' tense of the passive voice Dutch leaves out the past participle 'geworden' click to hear 2 - but it is used in the 'become' meaning.
ik ben geworden click to hear 'I have become'

wakker worden click to hear 2 3 ['to become awake'] - 'to wake up' ‑>> Ik werd midden in de nacht wakker click to hear 2 'I woke up in the middle of the night' Ik werd wakker van de wekker click to hear 'I was woken up by the alarm clock' Bij 't minste of geringste geluid werd-ie wakker click to hear He woke up at the littlest noise

Dat wordt toch niks click to hear 2 3 4 [That's going to be nothing anyway - It's not going to be anything] - It's not going to work, it won't be a success

Op den duur wordt 't makkelijker click to hear In the long run, after a while it will be easier

Opeens werd 't stil click to hear Suddenly it became quiet

Ik hoop dat 't een onvergetelijke dag wordt click to hear I hope it'll be an unforgettable day

Ik word oud click to hear 2 I'm getting old

't Wordt laat click to hear 2 It's getting late 't Is laat geworden click to hear 2 It's gotten late 't Werd steeds later click to hear 2 3 It kept getting later

Is het erger geworden? click to hear 2 Did it get worse? 't Wordt steeds erger click to hear 2 3 It's getting worse and worse

't Wordt zo vroeg donker click to hear 2 3 It's getting dark so early

... en dan wordt 't donker click to hear 2 3 ... and then it gets dark
.. en dan wordt 't spannend click to hear ... and then it'll get exciting

Toen het donker werd gingen we naar huis click to hear When it got dark we went home We gingen naar huis toen het donker werd click to hear 2 We went home when it got dark

Toen het donker werd ging het licht aan click to hear When it got dark the light went on

Als 't licht rood wordt moet je stoppen click to hear 2 3 When the light turns red you have to stop
Toen het licht groen werd reden we weg click to hear 2 When the light turned green we drove off

Ik word er gek van click to hear [I'm being driven crazy by it] - It's driving me crazy Ik word er misselijk van click to hear 2 3 It makes me nauseous, it nauseates me

Ik word er wanhopig van click to hear 2 [I become desperate by it] - It makes me despair, it drives me to desperation

Word je er gelukkig van? (old-fashioned) click to hear 2 3
Word je er happy van? click to hear 2 3 Does it make you happy?

Ik werd ziek van de herrie click to hear 2 I got sick from the loud noise, the loud noise made me sick

't Wordt tijd click to hear 2 3 4 [It's getting time] - It's about time (we've been waiting too long)

Laat je thee niet koud worden click to hear 2 3 Don't let your tea get cold

Voordat 't koud wordt click to hear Before it gets cold

Wat wil je later worden? click to hear What do you want to be when you grow up (asked of children)

Wat is er van hem geworden? click to hear 'Whatever became of him?'

Hij was inmiddels kaal geworden click to hear 2 Meanwhile he had gone bald

Hoe oud ben je geworden? click to hear 2 How old are you now? (birthday question)

Is het duurder geworden? click to hear 2 Did it become more expensive? Did the price go up?

Mijn moeder zou dit jaar honderd geworden zijn click to hear 2 My mother would have turned a hundred years old this year

Door schade en schande wijs geworden click to hear 2 3 'Educated by damage and shame' - the school of hard knocks

Ben je gek geworden? click to hear
Ben je helemaal gek geworden? click to hear Have you gone (completely) crazy? Are you out of your mind?

M'n thee is koud geworden click to hear 2 My tea has gone cold

Ik had schrijver willen worden, maar ik ben spreker geworden click to hear I wanted to be a writer, but I've become a speaker

'Wording' click to hear 2 means something like '(in the process of) becoming,' 'developing'
Wereld in wording click to hear 2 World in the making

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