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Dutch Verb Lezen ('to Read') - Smartphones Page

Sample Sentences
'Lezen'   click to hear is a strong verb:
to read
- las
- gelezen
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(It's the English that's more problematic here)
Similar to the V/F shift in 'Schrijven,' there is a Z/S shift in 'Lezen.' Dutch words 'cannot' end in V.
lezen to read
ik lees I read
wij lezen we read
ik las I read
wij lazen we read
ik heb gelezen I have read
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simple present tense
lezen to read
ik lees I read, I am reading
jij leest you read (singular, informal you)
hij leest he reads
wij lezen we read
jullie lezen you read (plural, informal you)
zij lezen they read
U leest you read (polite you)
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simple past tense
(lezen) to read
ik las I read, I was reading
jij las you read
hij las he read
wij lazen we read
jullie lazen y'all read
zij lazen they read
U las you read
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The A in the singular past tense is 'short,' but the A in the plural is 'long.'

present perfect tense
ik heb gelezen click to hear 2 I have read

[little boy reading]
ik las click to hear
[me, reading]
ik lees click to hear
[I am reading]
ik lees click to hear
[a collection of books]
ik heb gelezen click to hear
[reading in bed]
lezen in bed click to hear 2 reading in bed
ik lig te lezen click to hear I'm reading

'Lezen' - Sample Sentences

Zij leest een boek click to hear
She's reading a book
Hij ligt te lezen click to hear
He's reading (and probably lying down)

lekker lezen click to hear 2
enjoying a good read
lekker lui liggen lezen click to hear
enjoying a lazy read

meer boeken lezen click to hear
read more books - Resolutions

Heb je de laatste tijd nog een goed boek gelezen? click to hear
Have you read any good books lately?
Ik heb laatst 'Startide Rising' nog eens gelezen click to hear
Recently I've read Brin's Masterpiece again
Ik heb 't met veel plezier gelezen click to hear 2
[I read it with great pleasure] I really enjoyed reading it
Ik heb 't boek uit click to hear
I finished (reading) the book - more book lines

Ik heb ergens gelezen dat ... click to hear 2
I have read somewhere that ...
Ik heb wel eens gelezen dat ... click to hear 2
I have read sometime (somewhere) that ...

Ik heb moeten leren lezen click to hear
I had to learn to read

Kun je Russisch lezen? click to hear 2 3
Can you read Russian?

'Wat er staat' click to hear 2 3 ['what stands there'] usually means 'What is written there,' - or in common English: 'What it says.'

Begrijp je echt wat er staat? click to hear 2
Do you really understand what it says?
Wat op 't pak staat click to hear 2
What is says on the (package) box

't Staat in de Bijbel click to hear 2
It says so in the Bible

to say
- Spreken
to speak
- Praten
to talk, chat
'to tell'
- Schrijven
to write
- Lezen
to read

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