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Dutch Verb Praten ('to talk, to chat') - Smartphones Page

Sample Sentences
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'Praten' click to hear 'to talk, to chat' is a weak verb of the 't kofschip type, meaning the past tenses have T-endings

'Praten' - Conjugation

praten to talk, to chat
ik praat I 'm talking
wij praten we're talking
ik praatte I was talking
wij praatten we were talking
ik heb gepraat I have been talking
click to hear 2 3 4
Note that the plurals of the simple present and the simple past tense are written differently but pronounced the same:
wij praten click to hear 2 'we are talking'
wij praatten click to hear 2 'we were talking'

simple present tense
praten to talk
ik praat I talk
jij praat you talk (singular, informal you)
hij praat he talks
wij praten we talk
jullie praten you talk (plural, informal you)
zij praten they talk
U praat you talk (polite you)
click to hear 2
With a verb stem already ending in T,
the second and third person singular
do not add another T

simple past tense
(praten) to talk
ik praatte I talked
jij praatte you talked
hij praatte he talked
wij praatten we talked
jullie praatten y'all talked
zij praatten they talked
U praatte you talked
click to hear 2

present perfect tense
ik heb gepraat click to hear 2 I have talked

'Praten' - Sample Sentences

Hij stond te praten met ... click to hear
He was talking to ...
See also:
A Dutch Continuous
Hij stond te praten met Piet click to hear
He was talking to Piet

We zaten gezellig te praten click to hear 2
We were having a pleasant conversation, a nice chat

Hij praat te veel click to hear 2
He talks too much

Zou U wat langzamer kunnen praten? click to hear 2
Could you please talk [somewhat] a little slower?
U praat te snel voor mij click to hear 2 3
You're talking too fast (for me)

Niet praten met je mond vol click to hear 2
Don't talk with your mouth full (of food)

Praten over koetjes en kalfjes click to hear 2
(expression) [Talking about little cows and calves] - chatting about nice but unimportant things

Maar als ik heel snel praat, daar heeft niemand wat aan click to hear - slow: 2 3 4
But if I speak very fast, that's not of use to anybody - Slow Dutch

Ik wil graag Nederlands praten click to hear 2 3
I really want to [talk Dutch] have a conversation in Dutch

Jullie kunnen wel Nederlands praten click to hear 2 3
[You can speak Dutch] It's OK with me that you guys speak Dutch (I can understand it) ->>
Jullie mogen wel Nederlands praten click to hear 2
[You may speak Dutch] It's OK with me that you guys speak Dutch (I can understand it)

'Praten' - Related Words

(het) praatje click to hear 2 chat; informal presentation
een praatje maken click to hear 2 to [make] have a chat
(het) kletspraatje click to hear 2 gossip; humorous nonsense speech
(het) bakerpraatje click to hear 2 old wives' tale
(het) gepraat click to hear 2 talk, talking, gossip
(de) prietpraat click to hear idle, meaningless talk
(de) praatjesmaker click to hear bigmouth, boastful person
een gezellige prater click to hear 2 a gregarious guy, a person that it's nice talking to

to say
- Spreken
to speak
- Praten
to talk, chat
'to tell'
- Schrijven
to write
- Lezen
to read

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