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[Marco with mother, ca 1990]
with my late mother, ca. 1990

The Hear Dutch Here Website

[Marco ca 2000]
(ca. 2000)
[Marco at Microphone]
(a recent picture) Hallo click to hear 2
Names: on my website you can hear me say thousands of Dutch names, like first and last names, place-names, painters, tulips - and names from many other fields:
- Names Overview

Words and Phrases: on the site is an even larger collection of Dutch words and phrases, organized in various ways, like Basic Dutch, Picture Dictionary Pages, a collection of Useful Phrases, more elaborate Conversation Phrases. and Fun Things to Say.
- Words and Phrases Overview

Search my site for names or words:

Longer Texts: You can hear various fragments of Dutch prose and poetry (and read with English translation) like From Classic Books - From my own Writing and Prayers and Reading from the Bible.

Pronunciation: on the Pronunciation Reference Page you can hear more than 2000 words as examples (also as an alphabetic list) - but for learning Dutch pronunciation I recommend to start with Lesson 1.

Learning Dutch: Each of the Lessons offers a varied program of a longer text to read and listen to, an explanation of pronunciation, spelling or grammar, some vocabulary, and a little essay on Dutch or Holland.
If you want to focus on learning the language you could follow my Suggested Method that leads from pronunciation and vocabulary to grammar.
Of course you can also visit the many resource pages like for example plurals, verb rules, the verbs library and many others according to your own program.
- Grammar Overview

You could also just browse, wander from page to page on the site. On every page there is something to be learned about Dutch. Like the series of Essays, Hebrew Words in Dutch or the False Friends between Dutch and English.
- Site Map

[a plant somewhat like wisteria]
Goudenregen click to hear ('Golden Rain' - Cytisus Laburnum)
There is also a variety called Blauweregen click to hear ('blue rain')
[Me as a beggar holding a sign 'Will Speak Dutch about Food']
Will Speak Dutch about Food

geld geven is goed click to hear 2
'support, giving money is a good thing'

Marco geld geven is goed click to hear
'support, giving money to Marco is a good thing'

Dank U wel click to hear
'Thank you' (polite)

Dank je wel click to hear
Bedankt! click to hear
'Thank you' (informal)

Your support will help pay for the
continuing development of the website.

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David Luton asked me to help him with Dutch versions of his many e-book language guides for beginners - and now there are print versions for most too. (No sound files.)

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Most of the books are available in paper print too

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Don't be a dief (thief) / dievegge (female thief) - diefstal (theft) - stelen (to steal) - heler (dealer in stolen goods) - hear Dutch - 2