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Everyday Dutch

In the 1920s the English philosophers C.K Ogden and I.A. Richards developed a list of 850 very carefully chosen words that would be sufficient for general everyday and scientific communication. My 'Everyday Dutch' words list is based in large part on Ogden and Richard's Basic English.
Memorizing the greater part of the about one thousand Everyday Dutch words will give you a basic vocabulary for Dutch conversation and reading. Learning words is not the most exciting thing to do, but it will be the best start of your learning Dutch.
Originally I had the Basic vocabulary grouped by word type and subject on 15 short pages; recently I have revised those 15 pages, and I have re-organized the words for a second series of four long pages.

Everyday Dutch

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One of my French teachers in school (Dr Sneijders de Vogel) often said: 'Een woordenboek is een leugenboek,' click to hear (A dictionary is a book full of lies.) Many words have multiple meanings, but in these pages usually only one will be given. Please consider the context: the meaning will be in the same field as the words around it.

The Everyday Dutch Word List

Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs
Prepositions (etc.): pictorial / list

Qualifiers: Adjectives and Adverbs
Man, Animals, The Mind and Body
Tools, Materials, Buildings, House & Home
Transportation, Agriculture, Food
Miscellaneous (Time, Weather, Qualities)
Communication, Media, Science
Business, Government, Society, Military
The Little Words You'll Need Most #1
The Little Words You'll Need Most #2
The Little Words You'll Need Most #3
The Little Words Alphabetically (English to Dutch)
The House Prepositions Review
The Little Words Alphabetically (Dutch to English)
Everyday Verbs
Movement, Operations (More Verbs)

Other Vocabulary

[a variety of items]
pictures dictionary

Numbers, Time and Days


Family Tree - Birthday
Family & Relatives

Medical Conversations

Music Vocabulary

Words of Religion


News and Politics

False Friends

Vocabulary Overview

Meet Fun People Speaking Dutch
The Face of Dutch, Not Just Another Pretty Face

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The Face of Dutch in Younger Years
(Pictures by Peter Schuffelen)

jong click to hear
oud click to hear
nieuw click to hear
de click to hear / het click to hear / 't click to hear
(the - the definite article)
(de) pen click to hear
(het) potlood click to hear
(het) papier click to hear
(de) inkt click to hear
lezen click to hear
schrijven click to hear
(to read) >>
(to write) >>
ik ben
jij bent
hij is
wij zijn
jullie zijn
zij zijn
U bent
click to hear
to be >>
I am
you are (singular)
he is
we are
you are (plural)
they are
you are (polite)
(de) vrijheid click to hear
(de) gelijkheid click to hear
(de) broederschap click to hear
hear all 3: click to hear 2
(liberty, freedom)
(de) democratie click to hear
(de) verkiezingen click to hear
(elections) >>
(de) tolerantie click to hear
(het) respect click to hear
Alle mensen zijn gelijk click to hear
all men, all people are equal
(de) rechten click to hear
(de) plichten click to hear
tot ziens click to hear
tot gauw click to hear
(see you)
(see you soon)

me with long hair, ca. 1974
In die tijd hadden we
allemaal lang haar. (p14) click to hear

{'Lost Dutchman Drive-In]
Somewhere in Texas, 1989 or 1990 (before there was an Internet!)

Why Dutch?
I think Dutch is the most beautiful and most sensible language, but even within Holland that is a minority view. Of course I know only a few languages. Maybe Classical Greek is more beautiful? Latin more sensible?
Nederlands is een mooie taal ... click to hear (Dutch is a beautiful language ....)
... maar misschien niet om te zingen. click to hear (... but maybe not for singing.)
hear in full with sample - more examples: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6A - 6B - Poems and Better Singing - Birthday Songs - Dutch Santa Claus Songs

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