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Foreigners often have trouble pronouncing Dutch names, because some of the sounds in Dutch are not found in other languages, letters may not represent the same sounds, and the stress may be in a different place than expected.
(de) naam click to hear ('name') - (de) namen click to hear 2 ('names') - (de) voornaam click to hear ('first, given name') - (de) achternaam click to hear ('last, family name')


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Common First and Last Names

Hear some 650 common Dutch first names, and a sampling of about 200 last names on my Names page.

The By Request Page is a mixed bag of names and words visitors to my pages asked for, some Dutch names that were in the news and a few words that I thought would be interesting.

[thumbnail of a map of The Netherlands]


Nederland click to hear 2 - Amsterdam click to hear - Rotterdam click to hear - Den Haag click to hear 2 - Utrecht click to hear 2
Next to the names on the Maps pages you can hear some 600 names of Dutch cities, provinces, rivers etc. on the Dutch Place Names page.
My "Foreign Lands" page has about 125 Dutch names for foreign countries and cities etc.


Peter Stuyvesant click to hear - Pieter Stuyvesant click to hear 2 - Michiel de Ruyter click to hear
Hear Dutch names of Old New York - the names of Dutchmen living in 'New Netherland,' Dutch geographical names of the area and names of ships visiting.
Names from the (17th Century) 'Golden Age' of Dutch shipping can be heard on my Sailors and Ships Page.
Hear names of more recent history on The Bridge too Far page about Holland in 1944.


Vermeer click to hear - Rembrandt click to hear - Pieter Bruegel click to hear 2 - Van Gogh click to hear - Vincent van Gogh click to hear 2
- 170 Dutch and Flemish Painters

Hear the names of Dutch painters and the people around them on my

Vermeer - Rembrandt and Early Flemish Painters pages.
The Vermeer page also has a list of about 60 Dutch painters.

Dutch Names from Books

Anne Frank, Het Achterhuis click to hear - Hans Brinker click to hear
The Diary of Anne Frank - Hans Brinker - or hear a few Dutch names from other books


Hear the names of Dutch Politicians
The Dutch in Sports

[a brown and a dotted soccer ball]
't Is weer bruin of gespikkeld click to hear 2 3
[It's brown or dotted again] Soccer time!

Musicians from Holland

[violin with bow]
viool met strijkstok click to hear 2

Tulip Names

['Silver Standard' - a 1740 tulip]
'Standard Silver' - Zilveren Standaard click to
(tulip picture © Rimmer de Vries 2010 all rights reserved)

Fairy Tales

kikker click to hear 2

Many people in Holland have names that are also common words, like names of geographical features or animals, but names are often in old or irregular spelling. See and hear a few examples. If you can't find the name you're looking for, you could try the substitutions below (warning: results may vary.)
Old Spelling Modern Spelling
AE A or AA
C K or S
CK K or KK
DT D or T
Old Spelling Modern Spelling)
Old Spelling Modern Spelling)
-SZ -S
Y IJ, EI, I, IE or J
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Don't be a dief (thief) / dievegge (female thief) - diefstal (theft) - stelen (to steal) - heler (dealer in stolen goods) - hear Dutch - 2