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Historical Maps of The Netherlands ("Holland")

Each map is about 200K

[map of the present-day Netherlands]
The Netherlands, now
(and hear names spoken)
[map showing the elevation of the Netherlands]
Low and High Ground
[map showing hte reclaimed land in the old Zuyder Zee]
20th Century
Land Reclamation
- with names spoken
[map showing the extent of the 1953 flooding and the dams built since then]
The Delta Protection Works
- with names spoken
[a historical ma of Holand]
300 AD CE
[a historical map of Holland; much of the land in the North and West is drowned]
1000 AD CE
[a historical map of Holland, land reclamation is beginning]
1650 AD CE
[a historical map of Holland; except for South-West Zeeland and the Central Zuyder Zee
     it's much like today]
1900 AD CE
the historical maps
on one page

The Netherlands in The World - The Netherlands in Europe

Hear 500 Dutch Place Names - Dutch Names for Foreign Lands

Maps by Marco Schuffelen, after 'Kleine Geografie van Nederland,'
Published by 'Het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken' (State Department), The Hague, Holland 1983

Maps and Names from Operation Market Garden ('The Bridge too Far')

Useful Phrases and Words for travelers and visitors
Everyday Dutch for basic reading and conversation
Learning Dutch? Lessons (Suggested Method)

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