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The Books I Liked Best

by Marco Schuffelen

Thinking about literature (abandoned project)


Fiction read


Hilary Mantel: Wolf Hall
Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler's Wife
Edward P. Jones: The Known World
Richard Russo: Empire Falls
David Guterson: Snow Falling on Cedars
A.S. Byatt: Possession
Pesetsky, Bette: Author of A Savage People
John Gardner: Mickelsson's Ghosts
V.S. Naipaul: A Bend in The River
James Salter: Light Years
Saul Bellow: Herzog
Han Suyin: ... And The Rain My Drink
Henry Roth: Call it Sleep
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby
Tender is The Night
William Faukner: Light in August
Sherwood Anderson: Winesburg, Ohio

Ford Madox Ford: The Good Soldier
Henry James: The Portrait of A Lady
The Bostonians
Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness
Herman Melville: Moby Dick


A.B. Yehoshua: The Lover
Meir Shalev: The Blue Mountain
Amos Oz: Black Box
Josef Skvorecky: The Engineer of Human Souls
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Primo Levi: If Not Now, When?
Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Manor and The Estate
Alfred Andersch: Winterspelt
Euclides da Cunha: Rebellion in The Backlands (Os Sertões)

Books about Soldiers

John M. DelVecchio: The Thirteenth Valley
James Salter: The Hunters
William Manchester: Goodbye, Darknesss
Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms
Erns Jünger: Im Stahlgewittern
Arnold Zweig: Erziehung vor Verdun
Ludwig Renn: Krieg


Non-Fiction read

Colin McEvedy: Historical Atlases
O'Connell, Robert L: The Ghosts of Cannae
Roland Huntford: the Last Place on Earth
Curzio Malaparte: Kaputt
Peter Fleming: Operation Sea-Lion (Invasion 1941)
Barbara Tuchman: The Guns of August
F. Gordon Childe: What Happened in History?
David McCullough: The Path between The Seas
Greil Marcus: Invisible Republic (The Old, Weird America)
Alan Watts: Psychotherapy East and West

Science Fiction

Science Fiction read (incomplete list)
David Brin: Startide Rising
C.J. Cherryh: 40.000 in Gehenna
David Brin: Existence
David Brin and Gregory Benford: Heart of The Comet
Gary Gibson: Echogenesis
Kim Stanley Robinson: Red, Green and Blue Mars
Vernor Vinge: A Fire upon The Deep
A Deepness in The Sky
Marooned in Realtime
Ursula LeGuin: The Earthsea series
Brandon Q Morris: the Proxima series
The Ice Moon series