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Science Fiction (and Good Fantasy) Read

(Incomplete - some books I've forgotten about (I assume), others I won't mention)

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Anderson, Poul: Twilight World
The Guardians of Time
Corridors of Time
Asimov, Isaac: The Foundation Trilogy
The Caves of Steel
Ballard, J.G.: The Burning World
The Drowned World
The Crystal World
Bateman, Robert: When The Whites Went
Benford, Gregory: In The Ocean of Night
Accross the Sea of Suns
Brin, David: Sundiver
Startide Rising
The Uplift War
The Postman
The Ancient Ones
Brin/Benford: Heart of The Comet
Brunner, John: Times without Number
Cambias, James L: A Darkling Sea
Peter Cawdron: Galactic Exploration
Cherryh, C.J.: 40.000 in Gehenna
Downbelow Station
Finity's End
Serpent's Reach
Clement, Hal: Mission of Gravity
Cooper, Edmund: The Last Continent
Eddison, E.R.: The Worm Ouroboros
Gibson, William: Neuromancer
Gibson/Sterling: The Difference Engine
Gibson, Gary: Echogenesis
Europa Deep
Hamiton, Duncan: The Alpha Protocol
First Officer
Gilman, Carolyn Ives: Dark Orbit
Halfway Human
Isles of the Forsaken
Ison of the Isles
Hamilton, Peter F: Pandora's Star
Judas Unchained
The Reality Dysfunction
The Neutronium Alchemist
The Naked God
The Dreaming Void
The Temporal Void
The Evolutionary Void
The Abyss Beyond Dreams
Night without Stars
Salvation Lost
The Saints of Salvation
Great North Road
A Second Chance at Eden
Manhattan in Reverse
Harmsworth, Tony: The Visitor (not recommended)
Harrison, Harry: Deathworld 1
Heinlein, Robert: Orphans to The Sky
Stranger in A Strange Land
Herbert, Frank: Dune
Whipping Star
Hoyt, Sarah: Darkship Thieves
Hubbard, Ron L.: Return to Tomorrow
Keyes, Daniel: Flowers for Algernon
Leckie, Ann: Ancillary Mercy
Ancillary Sword
Ancillary Justice
LeGuin, Ursula K.: The Left Hand of Darkness
The Dispossessed
A Wizard of Earthsea
The Tombs of Atuan
The Farthest Shore
The Other Wind
Tales of Earthsea
Mayer, Alastair: Aplpha Centauri: First Landing
Aplpha Centauri: Sawyer's World
Aplpha Centauri: The Return
Kakuloa: A Rising Tide
The Chara Talisman
The Reticuli Deception
The Eridani Convergence
The Centauri Surprise
The Pavonis Insurgence
Delta Pavonis: Discovery
Delta Pavonis: Expansion
Morris, Brandon Q: The Enceladus Mission
The Titan Probe
The Io Encounter
Return to Enceladus
Proxima Rising
Proxima Dying
Proxima Dreaming
Mars Nation
Silent Sun
The Hole
The Triton Disaster
The Death of the Universe
The Rift
The Jupiter Catastrophe
The Clouds of Venus
The Dark Spring
Marchenko's Children
Helium 3
Into The Darkness
Into The light
The Beacon
Andromeda: The Encounter
The Disturbance
Niven, Larry: Ringworld
The Ringworld Engineers
Niven/Pournelle: The Mote in God's Eye
Pohl, Frederik: Gateway
The Blue Event Horizon
Hechee Rendezvous
The Gateway Trip
The Annals of The Hechee
Revelation Space
Pohl/Kornbluth: Wolfbane
Pullman, Philip: The Golden Compass
The Amber Spyglass
The Subtle Knife
Reed, Robert: Marrow
Roberts, Keith: Kiteworld
Robinson, Frank M.: The Dark beyond The Stars
Robinson, Kim Stanley: Red, Green and Blue Mars
The Martians
Memory of Whiteness
Years of Rice and Salt
Sanderson, Brandon: Mistborn
The Well of Ascension
The Final Empire
Sixth of the Dusk
Sandford, John and Ctein: Saturn Run
Silverberg, Robert: Downward to the Earth
Lord of Darkness
Simak, Clifford: Way Station
Simmons: Dan: Hyperion
The Fall of Hyperion
The Rise of Endymion
Siodmak, Curt: Donovan's Brain
Stephenson, Neil: Snow Crash
Tchaikovsky: Children of Time
Children of Ruin
Vance, Jack: The Star King
The Killing Machine
Vinge, Vernor: True Names
The Peace War
Marooned in Realtime
A Fire upon The Deep
A Deepness in The Sky
Vogt, A.E. van: The World of Null-A
The Players (Pawns) of Null-A
Null-A Three
The Voyage of The Space Beagle
Mission to The Stars
Vonnegut, Kurt: Player Piano
Wilson, Robert Charles: Darwinia
Gene Wolfe: The Book of The New Sun
The Book of The Long Sun
The Book of The Short Sun
The Fifth Head of Cerberus
Castle of Days
Wyndham, John: The Day of The Triffids
The Midwich Cuckoos

[a picture of moving stars, arcs (of course actually it's the earth that moves]

"I pointed my camera at the stars and left the shutter open for a few hours."

What I liked best:

C.J. Cherryh: 40.000 in Gehenna
David Brin: Startide Rising
David Brin and Gregory Benford: Heart of The Comet
Kim Stanley Robinson: Red, Green and Blue Mars
Gary Gibson: Echogenesis
Vernor Vinge: A Fire upon The Deep
A Deepness in The Sky
Marooned in Realtime
Ursula LeGuin: The Earthsea series
Gene Wolfe: The Book of The New Sun
The Book of The Long Sun
The Book of The Short Sun
Null-A Three The only late sequel that's good

[a row of books from the Dutch Meulenhoff M=SF series]

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