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Cowley, Robert (Ed.): What If?
Diamond, Jared: Guns, Germs and Steel
Lambert, Andrew: War at Sea in The Age of Sail
McEvedy, Colin: The Penguin Atlases of:
Ancient History
Medieval History
Modern History
Recent History
American History
African History
The Pacific
World Population History
(despite Mr McEvedy's bias against Israel)
Pratt, Fletcher: The Battles That Changed History


Alexander, Caroline: The Bounty
Baldwin, Hanson W: Sea Fights and Shipwrecks
Bawer, Bruce: While Europe Slept
Bond: War and Society in Europe 1870-1970
Bury, J.B.: The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians
Childe, F. Gordon: What Happened in History?
Christiansen, Eric: The Northern Crusades
Cippola, ed.: The Fontana Economic History of Europe
Hastings, Max and Simon Jenkins: The Battle for the Falklands
Holmes, George: Europe: Hierarchy and Revolt 1320-1450
Horst, Han van der: Nederland
Mallory, J.P.: In Search of the Indo-Europeans
O'Connell, Robert L: The Ghosts of Cannae
Parker, Geoffrey: The Dutch Revolt
Ravics, Slavomir: The Long Walk
Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel le: Montaillou
Smith, Hedrick: The Russians
Tuchman, Barbara: A Distant Mirror
The Proud Tower
Walraff, Guenther: Ganz Unten (Turks in Germany)
West, Rebecca: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon
Xenophon: Anabasis


Ambrose, Stephen E.: Band of Brothers
The Wild Blue
Undaunted Courage
Anderson, Fred: Crucible of War
Atkinson, Rick: An Army at Dawn
Baker, Mark: Nam
Bowden, Mark: Black Hawk Down
Brown, Dee: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Caro, Robert A.: Lyndon Johnson, The Path to Power
Cash, W.J.: The Mind of the South
Dershowitz, Alan M.: Chutzpah
Ellis, Joseph J.: Founding Brothers
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson
Evans & Novak: Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power
Frankel, Max: High Noon in The Cold War
Galbraith, John Kenneth: The Great Crash of 1929
Gordon, John Steele: A Thread accross The Ocean
Grant, Ulysses S.: Personal Memoirs
Hagedorn, Ann: Beyond The River
Haley, Alex: The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Kaufman, Jonathan: Broken Alliance
Kearns Goodwin, Doris: Team of Rivals
Kwitny, Jonathan: Endless Enemies
Linklater, Arno: Measuring America
The Fabric of America
Manchester, William: The Glory and the Dream, 1932-72
McCullough, David: The Path between The Seas
John Adams
Mangold, Tom and John Penycate: The Tunnels of Cu Chi
Miller, Lee: Roanoke, The Mystery of The Lost Colony
Moore, Harold G.: We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young
Lavender, David: The Way to The Western Sea
Lederer, William and Eugene Burdick: The Ugly American
Persico, Joseph E.: Roosevelt's Secret War
Philbrick, Nathaniel: In The Heart of The Sea
Schroeder, Pat: 25 Years of House Work and The Place is Still A Mess
Shaara, Michael, The Killer Angels
Sheehan, Neil: A Bright Shining Lie, John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam
Stiles, TJ: Jesse James
Tuchman, Barbara: The First Salute
Wallace, Terry: Bloods
Wolfe, Tom: The Right Stuff
Zee, Henri van der: Het Edelste Gewest (Dutch New York)


Avneri, Arieh L: The Myth of Dispossession
Bellow, Saul: To Jerusalem and Back
Bowden, Mark: Guests of The Ayatollah
Elon, Amos: The Israelis
Halevi, Ilan: A History of the Jews
Koestler, Arthur: Promise and Fulfillment
The Thirteenth Tribe
Lewis, Bernard: The Arabs in History
The Assasssins
The Jews of Islam
Semites & Anti-Semites
The Political Language of Islam
Race and Slavery in the Middle East
Mansfield, Peter: The Arabs
Morris, Benny: Righteous Victims
Naipaul, V.S.: Among the Believers
Oren, Michael B.: Six Days of War
Potok, Chaim: Wanderings
Prager, Denis and Joseph Teluskin: Why the Jews?
Pryce-Jones, David: The Closed Circle
Thesiger, Wilfred: Arabian Sands
Tuchman, Barbara: Bible and Sword


Gorer, Geoffrey: Africa Dances
Hibbert, Christopher: Africa Explored
Pakenham, Thomas: The Boer War
Villiers, Marq de: White Tribe Dreaming


Barber, Noel: The War of the Running Dogs (Malaysia)
Blair, Clay: The Forgotten War (Korea)
Buck: Vikings of the Pacific
Grimble, Arthur: A Pattern of Islands
Harrer, Heinrich: Seven Years in Tibet
Harrison, John A.: The Chinese Empire
Hibbert, Christopher: The Dragon Wakes
The Great Mutiny, India 1857
Hughes, Robert: The Fatal Shore (Australia)
Naipaul, V.S.: India, A Wounded Civilization
Osborne, Robin: Indonesia's Secret War (New Guinea)
Stover: Culturele Ecologie van de Chinese Beschaving
Tuchman, Barbara: Notes From China


Booth, Wayne C.: The Rhetoric of Fiction
Cunliffe, Marcus: The Literature of the United States
Edel, Leon: Stuff of Sleep and Dreams
Fiedler, Leslie: Waiting for the End
Gardner, On Becoming A Novelist
Gorley Putt, S.: The Fiction of Henry James
Leavis, F.R.: The Great Tradition
Matthews, John T.: Faulkner and the Lost Cause
Merriwether (ed.): Essays on The Sound and the Fury
Powers (ed.): Essays on The Portrait of a Lady
Priestley: Literature and Western Man
Reeves (ed.): Essays on Look Homeward, Angel
Scott: Five Approaches to Literary Criticism
Tanner, Tony: Thomas Pynchon
Turner: Essays on The Scarlet Letter


Clapton, Eric: Clapton
DeCurtis, Anthony and James Henke (ed.):
The Rolling Stone Album Guide (1992)
Davies, Hunter: The Beatles
Doggett, Peter: Abbey Road / Let It Be
Gilmore, Mikal: Stories Done
Goodman, Fred: The Mansion on The Hill
Guralnick, Peter: Last Train to Memphis
Careless Love
Kooper, Al: Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards
Marcus, Greil: Mystery Train
Invisible Republic
The Rose and The Briar (with Sean Wilentz)
Like A Rolling Stone
Marsh, Dave and John Swenson (ed.):
The Rolling Stone Record Guide (1979)
The Rolling Stone Record Guide (1983)
Martin, George: All You Need Is Ears
McDonough, Jimmy: Shakey - Neil Young's Biography
Norman, Philip: Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation
Pritchard, David & Alan Lysaght: The Beatles, An Oral History
Sculatti, Gene and Davin Seay: San Francisco Nights (1965-68)
Selvin, Joel: Summer of Love
Unterberger, Richie: Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers


Baldwin, Hanson W.: De Eerste Wereldoorlog (WWI)
Blond, Georges: De Slag bij Verdun
Cowley, Robert (ed.): The Great War
Ellis, John: Eye-Deep in Hell
Farwell, Byron: The Great War in Africa
Fussel, Paul: The Great War and Modern Memory
Keegan, John: The Face of Battle
Lawrence, T.E.: Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Liddell Hart, B.H.: History of the First World War
Mosier, John: The Myth of The Great War
Taylor, A.J.P.: The First World War
Tuchman, Barbara: The Guns of August
The Zimmermann Telegram
Weintraub, Stanley: Silent Night
Winter, Dennis: Death's Men
The West Point History of World War I


Barber, Noel: Sinister Twilight (Singapore)
Beevor, Anthony: Stalingrad
Bielenberg, Christabel: The Past is Myself (memoir)
Braddon, Russell: The Naked Island (memoir)
Capelle, X. van: Intimi rond Adolf Hitler
Clark, Alan: Barbarossa
Deighton, Len: Blitzkrieg
Fleming, Peter: Operation Sea Lion
Fussell, Paul: Wartime
The Boys' Crusade
Gough, Robert: Special Operations Singapore 1941-42
Hammond, Robert: A Fearful Freedom (memoir)
Hastings, Max: Overlord
Heaps, Leo: The Evaders (After The Bridge too far)
Hoehne, Heinz: Canaris, Patriot im Zwielicht
Hough, Richard: The Longest Battle
Ienaga: The Pacific War 1931-45
Johnson, Brian: The secret War
Liebman, Marcel: Als Jood Geboren (memoir)
Low, N.I.: When Singapore was Syonan-to
Manchester, William: American Caesar (Douglas MacArthur)
Goodbye, Darkness (memoir)
Nelson, Hank: Prisoners of War, Australians Under Nippon
Mueller, Joseph: Bis zur Letzten Konsequenz (memoir)
Schulman, Milton: Defeat in the West (1944-45)
Shirer, William L.: The Nightmare Years (memoir)
Sides, Hampton: Ghost Soldiers
Sledge, E.B.: With The Old Breed (at Peleliu and Okinawa)
Spencer Chapman, F.: The Jungle is Neutral (memoir)
Taylor, A.J.P.: The Second World War
Tokayer, Marvin and Mary Schwartz: The Fugu Plan
Terkel, Studs: "The Good War"
Tuchman, Barbara: Sitwell and the American Experience in China


Bettelheim, Bruno: Surviving The Holocaust
Donat, Alexander: The Holocaust Kingdom
Eliach, Jaffa: Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust
Lacqueur, Walter: The Terrible Secret
Baker, Leonard: Days of Sorrow and Pain
Levi, Primo: Survival in Auschwitz
Rotchild, Sylvia (ed.): Voices from the Holocaust
Wiesel, Elie: Night


Aciman, André: Out of Egypt
Baker, Russell: Growing Up
Balakian, Peter: Black Dog of Fate
Carr, Virginia Spencer: Dos Passos, A Life
DeFrank, Thomas M: Write it When I'm Gone (Gerald Ford)
Dorris, Michael: The Broken Cord
Dylan, Bob: Chronicles, Volume One
Edel, Leon: The Life of Henry James
Feynman, Richard: Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman
What Do You Care What Other People Think
Han Suyin: The Crippled Tree
Iacocca, Lee: Iacocca
Liu Zongren: Two Years in the Melting Pot
Miller, Merle: Plain Speaking (Harry Truman)
Nabokov. Vladimir: Speak, Memory
O'Connor, Richard: Ambrose Bierce
Richards, Keith: Life
Salter, James: Burning The Years
Singer, Isaac Bashevis: Love and Exile
Spencer Carr, Virginia: Dos Passos, A Life
Turnbull, Andrew: F. Scott Fitzgerald
ed.: The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Tomkins, Calvin: Living Well is the Best Revenge
Truman, Harry: Mr Citizen
Yaeger, Chuck: Yaeger


Ardrey, Robert: African Genesis
The Territorial Imperative
The Social Contract
Bakker, Robert: The Dinosaur Heresies
Raptor Red
Constandse, Anton: Grondslagen van het Anarchisme
Cooper, David: The Grammar of Living
Erickson: Het Kind en de Samenleving (Child psychology)
Firestone, Shulamith: The Dialectic of Sex
Frazer: The Golden Bough
Machiavelli: The Prince
Marais, Eugene: The Soul of the Ape
Marx, Karl and Joseph Engels: Het Communistisch Manifest
Miller, Juliet: Psychoanalysis and Feminism
Ropp, Robert de: Drugs and the Mind
The Master Game
Skinner, B.F.: Walden Two
Beyond Freedom and Dignity


Baghavad Gita
Tao Te Ching (a.o. Ch'u Ta-Kao's translation)

Fortman, Han: Oosterse Renaissance
Okakura, Kakuzo: The Book of Tea
Reps, Paul (ed.): Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Verwaal, E.H.: Wijzen naar de Maan (Zen)
Watts, Alan: The Way of Zen
Psychotherapy East and West


Gritter, Gert: Van Oerklank tot Moedertaal
Newnham, Richard: About Chinese
Sanders, Ruth H: German, Biography of A Language
Walsh, Len: Read Japanese Today

One-Book Category -or- Not Yet Classified

Barber, Elizabeth Wayland: The Mummies of Ürümchi
Bronson, Po: The Nudist on The Late Shift
Bryant Logan, William: Oak, The Frame of Civilisation
Dubner, Stephen: Tubulent Souls
Huntford, Roland: The Last Place on Earth
Lewis, Michael: The New New Thing