[kale, potatoes]
boerenkool click to hear 2
Kale with mashed potatoes >>
[carrots, potatoes and onion]
hutspot click to hear
Carrots, potatoes and onion >>
[pea soup]
erwtensoep click to hear
Pea soup >>
[red cabbage]
rode kool click to hear 2
Red cabbage >>
sperziebonen click to hear
French beans, green beans >>
[Italian beans, Romano beans]
snijbonen click to hear 2
Italian beans, Romano beans >>
[fava beans]
tuinbonen click to hear 2
Fava beans >>
[Belgian endives] [Belgian endives]
witlof click to hear 2
Belgian endives >>
[your chef]
your chef

Recipes (Dutch and International)

My Recipes in Dutch: at www.allrecipes.nl - Pictures Collection realistic pictures of home cooking - Mijn Recepten in het Nederlands - Foto's

(het) recept click to hear 2 'recipe'
Dutch Meals: The Dutch Way of Life Seen in Food
Food and Drink: Words and Phrases
Dutch Words from The Kitchen
Hear Dutch Food Words - More Dutch Food Words

Some General Ideas and Basic Procedures
potatoes, white sauce, mushrooms, ham


[oat bran and quick oats in measuring cups] NEW Oats Breakfast
Oat bran, quick oats and milk;
microwave preparation

[kitchen knives stand that makes me think of the ancient Greek ship type 'Trireme'] [kitchen knives stand that makes me think of the ancient Greek ship type 'Trireme']

[a minitable protecting my scale and providing some counter space]


Bread The Dutchman's Everyday Lunch
Wholewheat flour, white flour, yeast, salt, water
Find out what's going on in your bread machine!

Hummus For Bagels IN PREPARATION
Chickpeas, sesame paste

[a minicabinet for oven mitts and pan holders]

Snacks and Desserts

Banana Bread Not too hard, low in fat
sour cream, sugar, eggs, flour, banana, raisins, nuts

Gingerbread Very low fat
flour, milk, crystallized ginger, cinnamon, ground ginger, cloves, all-spice, raisins, nuts, orange (kumquat) zest
no butter! no eggs!

Rye Bread, Pumpernickel - surprisingly little rye
wholewheat flour, wheat bran, cracked wheat, rolled rye, molasses; raisins optional.

Rice Flour - with milk, butter and sugar or: with Jello and sugar

Rhubarb, sugar, dry milk


Guacamole Avocado, lemon juice, tomato, pepper, nutmeg, garlic powder [avocado, tomato, lemon]


[Patty Pan Summer Squash]
Summer Squash

with cheese, rice, and stewed tomatoes
[fava beans]
Fava Beans

with bacon and boiled potatoes
Read about the Great Fava Beans Conspiracy!
[Italian beans]
Italian Beans

with ham or bacon and boiled potatoes
[French beans]
French Beans

the easiest bean
[Belgian endives]
Belgian Endives
[pasta, tomatoes, mushrooms]
- Northern
[a piece of bread dipped in cheese fondue]
Cheese Fondue
- Swiss
[kale with mashed potatoes]
NEW: kale with mashed potatoes
Leeks from The Oven IN PREPARATION

Red Beets IN PREPARATION sweet, with honey and orange juice; spinach as a side dish

Nasi Goreng - Indonesian Fried Rice IN PREPARATION

Goulash Western
onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, stew beef, bacon
Fill up 'em Goulash Guns and Declare War on Bad Taste!

Chicken Alsatian My favorite entree
chicken, ham, bacon, onion, parsley, muchrooms eh mushrooms

Kinda Chili
IN PREPARATION lentils, bell peppers, bacon, cous-cous, tomatoes, carrots, pickles

Curry: Mango Beef
IN PREPARATION onions, mango chutney, mangoes, beef, ground coconut

Hawaiian Sauerkraut
IN PREPARATION sauerkraut, bacon, pineapple, raisins; with mashed potatoes

Dutch Pea Soup For Dutch winter days
ham hock, bacon, sausage, green split peas, onion, leeks, fennel, celery, celery root, potatoes

[a well with gravy in a carrots/potatoes/onion mash]
'hutspot' - a carrots/potatoes/onion mash - recipe
[red cabbage, sausage]
red cabbage, potatoes, sausage - recipe
[your chef cooking]
In Preparation

Twin Eggs (Double Yolk)

[twin eggs, two yolks in one egg]
[twin eggs, double yolk]
[twin eggs]
[twin eggs fried]

Bread Recipee in Steps for Classes

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