Belgian Endives

witlof click to hear 2 - een stronkje witlof click to hear ('a head of Belgian endive')
[Belgian endives]
Belgian endives
witlof click to hear 2
[the other ingredients sliced]
the other ingredients: ham, cheese, tomatoes
ham click to hear - kaas click to hear 2 - tomaten click to hear
for two or three
  • 12-24 heads, that is 3-4 Lb (1½-2 Kg) Belgian endives
  • about 12 slices ham
  • about 24 slices, ½ Lb Swiss Cheese
  • a little Mozarella cheese
  • 4 medium tomatoes
  • a sliver of butter and 2 TBsp breadcrumbs
    (to coat oven dish)
  1. Put a little butter in a large oven dish;
  2. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C);
  3. If discolored, cut off a sliver from the bottom of the endives;
  4. Cut an about a third to half an inch (1 cm) cone from the center of the bottom of the endives;
  5. Snip off tips from heads to make rinsing inside easier;
  6. Wash and rinse heads, let some water flow in, let it flow out again;
  7. Put heads bottom down in pan with about two cups (½ L) water, bring to a boil, cook for 8-12 minutes (depending on size);
  8. Meanwhile, cut slices of ham in two or three (if necessary), and slice cheese and tomatoes;
  9. Spread butter in oven dish and cover with breadcrumbs;
  10. Drain water, put endives in colander;
  11. Using tongs, put endives on slices of ham, wrap ham around endives and put them in oven dish;
  12. Lay one or two slices of Swiss cheese on each endive;
  13. Lay down a layer of sliced tomatoes on the cheese;
  14. Put small pieces (or grated) Mozarella on top of the tomatoes;
  15. Put dish in oven and bake for 30 minutes;
  16. Meanwhile, peel, cut and cook potatoes for a side dish.
[Belgian endives cutting]
cut out a cone at bottom
[Belgian endives]
cone cut out
[Belgian endives]
cones cut out
lay boiled endive on ham slice
wrap ham around endive
Ham is very filling: if you use small slices or cut up large slices you'll be able to eat more endives.
Instead of breadcrumbs, I use wheat bran to cover the oven dish.
Cutting out that cone at the bottom will reduce the bitterness of the endives.
The French word for Belgian Endives is 'Chicorée de Bruxelles' - the coffee surrogate chicory is made from its roots. The Dutch vegetable 'andijvie' is something entirely different again.
lay ham-wrapped endives in prepared oven dish
cover with sliced cheese
next a layer of sliced tomatoes
put a little cheese on the tomatoes
Brussels lof
Belgian endives
Belgian endives
meals and seconds
[a small child rejecting Belgian Endives, horrified] [a small child rejecting Belgian Endives, horrified] [a small child rejecting Belgian Endives, horrified]

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