Dutch Red Cabbage Recipe

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  • 2 medium red cabbages (3-4Lb, 1½-2Kg)
  • 3-4 apples (Granny Smith)
  • (optional) 10-15 slices bacon

  • ¼tsp ground cloves
  • ½tsp all-spice
  • (optional) ¼tsp cardamom
  • 1 TBsp sugar
  • a little butter

  • potatoes
  • meat (sausages, stew beef, or meatballs)

[red cabbage] [red cabbage]

  1. Peel and cut potatoes, start preparing meat and (optional) bacon;
  2. Remove two outer leaves from the red cabbages, wash cabbages;
  3. Cut cabbages in two from top to bottom,
    cut out white stem cone and discard;
  4. Slice bottom quarts of cabbages thinly (¼", ½cm;)
  5. put 1½ cup (350ml) water in large cooking pot or wok, add ½ tsp all-spice;
  6. Unravel cabbage slices and wash, put in wok;
  7. Slice top quarts of cabbages thinly (¼", ½cm;)
  8. Unravel slices and wash, add to the large pot or wok;
  9. Cover pot with lid and bring to a boil, then lower heat,
    but keep at a boil. Total boiling time: about 25 minutes;
  10. Bring potatoes to a boil when cabbage is boiling, lower heat, cook for 17 minutes;
  11. Wash and core apples, cut in small pieces;
  12. When cabbage has boiled for 15 minutes, raise heat
    and put cut apples on top, cook for ten minutes more;
  13. When potatoes have cooked for 17 minutes, drain
    and leave on low heat for 2 minutes.
  14. Drain water from cooked cabbage, add some butter and
    ¼ tsp of ground cloves, ¼ tsp of cardamom, a Tablespoon
    of sugar and mix, and then add bacon and mix further.
rode kool
"rooie kool"
red cabbage
red cabbage



The D of 'rode kool' is colloquially softened to a consonant-Y sound (Dutch J.)

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[] [red cabbage, sausage]
red cabbage with apples and bacon, sausage and potatoes

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