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'Alsatian Chicken'

This is based on a recipe by Dutch cookbooks author Wina Born but I adapted and changed many things.
It's called 'Alsatian' after the area between Germany and France that changed hands several times. It feels like it has both French and German elements.
[Alsatian Chicken on plate]
[Alsatian Chicken on plate]
[Alsatian Chicken]
[Chicken Sauce]
[Chicken Sauce] [Alsatian Chicken in pan]
[Alsatian Chicken in pan] [Alsatian Chicken in pan]
for three or four

Start about two hours before dinner:

  1. Mix flour and olive oil in a large glass bowl (a 2-Quarts, 2-liter measuring bowl is most convenient) and put aside for later use;
  2. Scrape and wash, then grate carrots for salad, save in fridge;
  3. If you're not using 'fully-cooked,' prepare bacon;
  4. Optional onion - peel, cut through and slice thin, loosen half-rings; heat olive oil in a small skillet, sautée onion over high heat for a few minutes, then lower heat, stir occasionally;
  5. Wash and cut ¾ of the mushrooms, heat a knob of butter and a little water (4 oz, 100 ml) in a large skillet or casserole (with lid) - add mushrooms, cover and bring to a boil at medium heat, lower heat when foaming and cook till most water has evaporated (about an hour)
  6. Scrape and wash a few carrots, cut in small pieces;
    wash and cut up remaining ¼ of mushrooms;
    wash and cut up 1 bunch of parsley (with scissors;)
    put vegetables in a pan with bay leaves, mace and thyme;
    (if you're using leeks) cut off bottom and top from leeks, remove outermost layer and dark green parts, cut lengthwise and then in about ⅔-inch (2 cm) pieces, wash in colander and add;
    add chicken thighs (put on plastic gloves to rip off some of the fat;)
    add 4 cups (1 liter) of water, bring to a boil, lower heat and cook for about half an hour or 45 minutes;
  7. Prepare rice;
  8. Add 2 cups (½ liter) wine to the flour/olive oil, first in three small amounts of 1½ oz (50 ml) each, stirring well, and then the rest in two larger amounts, stir well;
    Heat up in microwave at for 8 minutes at 50% power, stop and stir about halfway (bring it close to a boil, but not boiling)
    Add 1 cup (250 ml) of clear soup liquid, stir well
  9. Wash and cut up 1 bunch of parsley (use scissors) and add to mushrooms etc. when almost all water has evaporated;
    Add bacon (break up strips in for or five pieces) and cut-up ham a little later;
    Add sautéed optional onion;
  10. Remove chicken pieces from soup, break up and add to mushrooms etc. with the last bunch of washed and cut-up parsley;
  11. Add wine sauce to the mushrooms etc., stir and lower heat, then add cream (unwhipped)
  12. Serve over rice, with the grated carrots 'salad' to the side, and a cup of soup next to it.

You can of course use a whole chicken or other chicken parts than thighs. Soup may be better with bones, but it's a lot more work for a small improvement. You could also save the soup for the next day.

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