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Chili with Bananas

[Chili with Bananas and Rice]
[Chili with Bananas and Rice]
... with Cheese
[Bell peppers changing color in sauteeing]
[Bell peppers changing color in sauteeing]

for three or four

  1. The afternoon or evening before, pick over dried beans, discard eventual dirt and damaged beans, wash and put to soak. You could change the water a few times.
  2. 4 Hours before dinner, rinse beans, add savory and Bay leaves, add 5 cups or 1¼ liter warm water (from a kettle) - bring to a boil, cover and lower heat
  3. Cut up tomatoes, put in pan, add paprika powder, bring to a boil and stew for 3 or 4 hours
  4. Wash and soak rice, if necessary early
  5. Two hours before dinner add chili and pepper powder to stewing tomatoes
  6. Then wash and cut up bell peppers, remove seeds and white from inside, sauté in olive oil until bright green turns to moss green and most water has boiled off, then add to tomatoes
  7. Start cooking rice so it'll be ready in time
  8. Fifteen minutes before dinner, remove bay leaves from beans and drain; cut up three bananas and add; pour tomato stew and bell peppers mixture over it and mix; heat up for 10 minutes or so more
  9. Serve next to rice; you may add some cubed cheese

Many years ago, my wife told me: "I put bananas in the chili." I don't remember how it tasted, but I thought it was ridiculous, and she never made it again. But a few years ago I made, 'resurrected' it to humor her - and we all really liked it. Now I make it once a week.
In Holland, I would make this with kapucijners click to
  hear 'marrowfat peas'

[a banana]
(de) banaan click to hear
bananen click to hear
[green bell pepper]
groene paprika click to hear 2
[green bell pepper]
groene paprika click to hear 2
[green bell pepper]
groene paprika click to hear 2
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