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Goulash (Soup)

For three or four
Start cooking three or four hours before dinner, but let meat come to room temperature first: take it out of the fridge an hour or two before you start cooking. Otherwise it will stick much more to the bottom of the pan in browning
This dish originated in Hungary ("gulyas"); long a staple food in the German army, the soldiers still refer to its vast cooking pots as 'Goulashkanone' (Goulash Guns.)
Fill up 'em Goulash Guns and Declare War on Bad Taste!

  1. Grind pepper over stew beef, put on plastic glove and work it in
  2. Heat up a little butter and oil (1½ tsp) in a thick-bottomed pan (with lid) or casserole dish and brown meat in the hot fats
  3. After five or ten minutes, add the washed and cut-up tomatoes one by one, keep stew at a light boil
  4. Add marjoram and paprika powder, stir in
  5. Leave stew at slow boil
  6. About an hour-and-a-half later, wash bell peppers, and cut up after removing seeds and white innards, add to stew
  7. Break bacon strips in four or five pieces and add
  8. Leave at slow boil for another hour-and-a-half
  9. Cut the baguette in three or four pieces, then cut those pieces lengthwise in four long strips (for dipping in the soup)

I use a wooden spoon for stirring that I leave in the pan for the first hour, to avoid contamination with raw meat things
Traditional thinking was that browning meat 'locked in' the taste, but nowadays it's said that the browning improves or intensifies the taste of meat.
In the past it sometimes came out as a sauce rather than a soup - I think that was because I used to make it with Roma tomatoes. You could serve the sauce over rice or potatoes.

Roma tomatoes
uitgebakken spek click to hear fried bacon
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(de) tomaat click to hear
tomaten click to hear
[a few strips of raw bacon]
rauw spek click to hear raw bacon
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