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Nasi Goreng - Indonesian Fried Rice

This is a very basic version, good for when you've never prepared something like this - or with a substantial side dish
Nasi Goreng click to hear - more Malay Words in Dutch
for three or four
It'll take about an hour and a half or two hours

Rice: you'll need loose, dry cooked rice (long grain) - cook the day before or in the early morning; or (even better) use deep-frozen cooked rice heated up in the microwave (you can also heat up the home-cooked rice sautéeing in the skillet or wok)

  1. Peel onion(s), cut in half and then in slices, loosen half-rings; peel garlic cloves, cut them in a few pieces
  2. Heat up oil in skillet or wok at medium heat, add onions, stir well, lower heat after a few minutes, add garlic pieces, cook at low heat for 20 minutes or so
  3. Turn up heat to medium, add ground beef, crumble with stirring spoon and let it brown, stirring frequently
  4. Add cumin, coriander and pepper, stir in, stir well
  5. Add ham or bacon
  6. Ten minutes or so later heat up a third of the rice in microwave and add, ten minutes later the second third, and repeat
  7. Fry eggs to put on top or make an omelet, cut it in strips and mix in
  8. Turn off heat and add soy sauce, stir well and serve immediately
  9. Pieces of cucumber are a good side dish (peel and wash, cut in four or five pieces, then those pieces lengthwise in fours)
  10. You could also cook green beans ‑>> as a side dish, if you like covered with peanut sauce
[a handful of rice]
(de) rijst click to hear
[one onion]
(de) ui click to hear
uien click to hear
knoflook click to hear
een teentje knoflook click to hear 2 a clove of garlic
[ground meat]
(het) gehakt click to hear
komkommer click to hear
[cucumber, peeled and cut]
geschild en gesneden click to hear 2
peeled and cut
[French beans]
sperziebonen click to hear ‑>>
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