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On my website you can hear thousands of Dutch words, names and phrases. On top of that the site offers resource material and a suggested method for learning Dutch, and a series of lessons. You can also read about Holland ('The Netherlands') on my website - about the land, the people, the history and the 'culture' (including recipes.)

What's New?
March 2015: Adjectives and Adverbs Exercise - 2
January 2015: Dutch Vocabulary Flash Cards (about 40 pages)
December 2014: Disambiguation: 'Al' - 'Als' - 'Daar' - 'Dan'
- 'Dat' - 'Er' - 'Het' - 'Toen' - 'Waar' - 'Wat' - 'Zo'
September 2014: Words and Lines of Time
- a Dutch thesaurus page with many examples of usage
April 2014: The Senses - Words and Lines
February 2014: Jobs and Lines of Work - words and phrases
January 2014: Common Problems in Dutch
- 'Units' and Common Word Combinations
December 2013: Dutch Summary
- The Most Important Pronunciation, Spelling and Grammar on One Page
September 2013: Talking about Travel
July 2013: Sleep - Words and Phrases
June 2013: Speaking Dutch, Speaking about Dutch
June 2013: The Most Basic Phrases
May 2013: Eating and Drinking, Food Phrases - the 'Conversation Templates' series

On my website, you will hear a word, name or phrase spoken when you click the speaker icon click to hear next to it. Sometimes there is a "2" (and occasionally a "3") that will let you hear a slower or a slightly different pronunciation; on some of my older pages you'll have to click "hear" for sound. The troubleshooting page has some suggestions if there is a problem with sound.

Listen to and read a foreign language like you look at pictures of foreign lands.
Or hear and read some Dutch as an introduction to the language:
Prose and Poems
from the best Dutch writing
The Beauty of Dutch
words and lines
for your convenience
Slow Dutch


Foreigners often have trouble pronouncing Dutch. Some of the sounds in Dutch are not found in other languages >> - letters may not represent the same sounds >> - and the stress may be in another place than expected. Browse the Names or Words pages - or use the Search Window (near top left on most of my pages) when you're looking for a specific name or word:
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A reference page - and hear more than 2000 examples

Learning Dutch,
The 'Learning Dutch' page has suggestions for studying the language and an overview of the lessons. The other links below lead to various useful pages for studying Dutch by yourself.
Learning Dutch? - Lesson 1 - Pronunciation - Vocabulary - Listening - Grammar

Easy Dutch
Recognizable Words: words that look or sound like the English words and have about the same meaning. Easy vocabulary and also quickly learn pronunciation. 1 - 2 - 3

Hear and Read Longer Dutch Texts
From Famous Books - Prayers and Readings from the Bible - From My Own Writing

Short Stories
Read about Holland and the Dutch Language
Essays (mostly from the Lessons) and short stories:
Essays - Christmas Stories - Pulp / Going to Pieces (A story in Dutch and in English)

Pronunciation 1 - Pronunciation 2 - Listening

Hebrew Words in Dutch - Malay Words in Dutch
Cognates (English, Dutch and German Words from a Common Root)
Hear Some Frisian click to hear - False Friends - English with a Dutch Accent

Site Map
Other Overview Pages: Names - Words - Pronunciation - Pictures Dictionary
Basic Dutch - Listening - Lessons - Grammar - Essays

Skype lessons; Translating into good Dutch; Spoken Dutch, voice-overs, and English with a Dutch accent; Checking Dutch words and names in Manuscripts

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[a bar chart comparing miles and kilometers,
    imperial and metric dimensions]
Imperial and Metric Weights and Measurements
[a picture of an empty table with a tie-dye tablecloth]
Cooking & Baking
What to put on the table?
[line painted on grass]
Soccer Fields Lining
Diagrams & Instructions
[small diagram of a bike safety day station, with cartoon figures]
Elementary School
Bike Safety
[The Flag of The Netherlands, at the edge of water]
Editing Graphics for The Blind Pictorial Overview - Manual
[a thumbnail of an inkprint of a braille drawing]
not bad
[a thumbnail of an inkprint of a braille drawing]
[a thumbnail of an inkprint of a braille drawing]
[a thumbnail of an inkprint of a braille drawing]
[Marco at Microphone]
Hallo click to hear 2 - welkom click to hear 2

molen click to hear - windmill in Steenderen (Bronckhorst),
Gelderland (picture by Peter Schuffelen)

[Marco Speaking Dutch]
The Speaking Dutchman click to hear


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