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(Het) geluid click to hear 'sound'
On my website, you will hear a word, name or phrase spoken when you click the speaker icon click to hear next to it. Sometimes there is a "2" (and occasionally a "3") that will let you hear a slower or a slightly different pronunciation; on some of my older pages you'll have to click "hear" for sound. The Flash Cards pages will show a 'controller' to click:

Dutch has many words for 'noise': (het) lawaai click to hear 2 - (het) kabaal click to hear 2 - (de) herrie click to hear
Een hels kabaal click to hear 2 3 4 [a hellish noise] - an awful lot of noise
lawaaiïg click to hear 2 ('noisy')
(de) ruis click to hear - static, white noise
(Het) rumoer click to hear 2 ('hubbub, people muttering or shouting') - English 'rumor,' unverified information floating around is (het) gerucht click to hear 2 - though when the neighbors make too much noise it's (het) burengerucht click to
(de) stilte click to hear 2 ('silence, quiet') - stil click to hear ('silent, quiet') - stil/stille click to hear 2 ‑>>
De stilte voor de storm click to hear ('The quiet before the storm')

Troubleshooting - Possible Problems on my Site

Please report problems with my website by email. On my website, when you click hear or the speaker icon: click to hear you should hear me speak. But on some computers the sound file is downloaded instead of played, and that makes it a bit complicated, not what I had in mind.

Your browser's default setting may be to download - you could try to change that setting to 'play,' or you could try another browser.

It may also be that my soundfiles are sent to a serious music program which takes time to open and play - to hear me speak it would be best to have a basic program like Windows Media Player or Quicktime as the default setting for processing MP3 files.
On a Windows computer you can set the program to open files by clicking (highlighting) a file of that kind and going to 'Properties' - like,
'Type of file: MP3 Format Sound' 'Opens with ...'
On an Apple computer, click (highlight) a file and go to 'Get Info'
'Open with ...'
Here's a sound file you could download to set that default setting: hallo (it will open in a new window, not the sound window) or let me know and I'll send you a sound file by email.

Your Internet security settings may also be a problem. Of course I don't want you to be vulnerable to attack, but my sound files may be interpreted as ads (or worse.)

It may also be that your browser's cache is full and needs to be emptied. I've had that after I had checked hundreds of sound files.

If you have a problem on mobile devices, you might want to try the Opera browser. Choose a music player when 'options' come up after you click a speaker icon, and make that the default.
I've seen (and heard) my website without problems with the default settings on an iPad, a Kindle Fire, a Chromebook and an iPhone and an Android phone.

Some music programs will endlessly repeat the sound file you click. If it bothers you, you can probably turn it off in the settings. Search your music programs's Help for 'repeat.' On my old Windows Media Player it can be changed with Ctrl-T

New Sound Processing
I have switched to a new sound processing system. There will be no more 'sound window' with my old face. There will still be the speaker icon: click to hear or Hear - or (on Flash Cards pages) there is a controller to click:

I hope the new system will make the sound come up quicker and solve the annoying spontaneous scrolling of the pages.
Older versions of Internet Explorer may not support the new audio - try upgrading or move to another browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

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