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Binnen ('Inside') and Buiten ('Outside')

Binnen click to hear 2 is usually 'inside' but it is sometimes better translated as 'in,' 'indoors,' or in a time context as 'within.'
Buiten click to hear 2 is usually 'outside' but it is sometimes better translated as 'out,' or 'outdoors.'
See also In click to hear 2 ('in, into, to, other') and Uit click to hear 2 ('out, out of, from, off')

Kom je binnen of wil je buiten blijven? click to hear Are you coming in (inside) or do you want to stay outside? (I'm closing the door) Ik ben de hele dag binnen gebleven click to hear 2 3 I've been [stayed, remained] inside all day

ik ben vandaag niet buiten geweest click to hear 2 3 I've not been outside [today] all day 't Is koud buiten click to hear It's cold outside 't Is lekker fris buiten click to hear 2 3 4 It's pleasantly cool outside 't Is buiten zulk prachtig weer click to hear The weather outside is so wonderful (but inside the house it's cold) 't Is zulk mooi weer buiten click to hear Such beautiful weather outside! Misschien kunnen we wel buiten zitten click to hear 2 Maybe we can go sit outside Kom je buiten spelen? click to hear 2 Are you coming, would you like to come outside to play? (children) De vuile was buiten hangen click to hear 2 3 (saying) [hanging the dirty laundry outside] - 'airing the dirty laundry' - a public showing of private problems Ik heb de vuilnisbakken buiten gezet click to hear 2 3 I have put out the garbage cans (I've put them outside for collection)

naar binnen click to hear 2 into (to the inside)
het huis binnen click to hear into the house
Hij ging het huis binnen click to hear He went into the house, he went inside the house Ze kwam binnen door het raam van de badkamer click to hear She came in through the bathroom window

naar buiten click to hear 2 'out' (to the outside)
Hij is naar buiten gegaan click to hear 2 He went outside, he went out Hij is even naar buiten gegaan click to hear He went out for a moment Hoewel het regende, ging hij toch zonder jas naar buiten click to hear 2 Although it rained, despite the rain, he still went out without a coat

't huis uit click to hear out of the house hij liep 't huis uit click to hear he walked out of the house buiten 't huis click to hear outside the house

rood van binnen click to hear 2 'red on the inside' - 'rare,'  shortly baked beef Buiten z'n boekje click to hear 2 (saying) ['outside his little book'] - said of a person overstepping his authority

binnen een uur click to hear 2 [in, inside of] within an hour buiten adem click to hear 2 out of breath buiten bewustzijn click to hear [out of consciousness] unconscious (asleep or in coma)
also: bewusteloos click to hear unconscious (knocked out) onbewust click to hear unconscious (without thinking) het onderbewuste click to hear 2 the subconscious bewust click to hear aware
Also:  buiten westen click to hear ['out in the West'] - unconscious. Stoett says the expression is from the old days before compasses, clocks and sextants, Dutch sailors who lost sight of the coast in the East

Words with Binnen and Buiten

binnenstebuiten click to hear 2 3 inside-out

(de) binnenkant click to hear 2 the inside of something (de) buitenkant click to hear 2 the outside of something - more sides

(de) binnenband click to hear [inner tire] tube (on bicycle, car wheels) (de) buitenband click to hear tire

binnenkort click to hear 2 [within short] soon
Er zijn binnenkort verkiezingen click to hear 2 There [are] will be elections soon ‑>>

buitenshuis click to hear 2 [outside of the house] - outdoors ‑>> (de) buitenmens click to hear 2 outdoors person

het buitenland click to hear 2 [the foreign country, foreign countries] - the world outside Holland (and Belgium) - 'abroad' (de) buitenlander click to hear 2 3 foreigner
plural:  buitenlanders click to hear
the South-African word is (die) uitlander click to hear 2 3
In the time of the European colonies, an indigenous person of the Dutch Indies (Nederlands Indië click to hear 2 - now Indonesia) was called (de) inlander click to hear 2
(de) vreemdeling click to hear stranger
vreemd click to hear (vreemd / vreemde click to hear 2) strange (het) binnenlands nieuws click to hear 2 [News from inside the country] - Dutch news

buitengewoon click to hear 2 3 extraordinary
gewoon click to hear (gewoon / gewone click to hear 2) common, usual, ordinary, regular ‑>>

(het) buitenkansje click to hear 2 3 4 an unexpected and promising opportunity, 'a stroke of luck' (de) kans click to hear chance, possibility, occurrence; opportunity ‑>>

buitenaardse wezens click to hear 2 3 extraterrestrials, aliens de Aarde click to hear the Earth ‑>>

(de) buitenwijk click to hear 2 3 4 suburb
(de) wijk click to hear city district, neighborhood

(de) buitenstaander click to hear 2 3 outsider
(het) buitenbeentje click to hear unusual person, outlier, 'odd man out' buitenplaatsen click to hear 2 (old-fashioned) luxurious second houses outside the city, country estates, 'dachas'

There are a few place names with binnen or buiten, like
Bergen-Binnen click to hear 2
Buitenveldert click to hear 2
Buitenzorg click to hear now: Bogor, Indonesia
Het Binnenhof click to hear 2 'the inner court' - square near the Dutch House of Representatives ‑>> Het Buitenhof click to hear 2 'the outer court' - another square in The Hague

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