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November 2017
Laten 'to let, allow' (etc.)
Maken 'to Make'
May 2017
Moeten 'Must, Should, Have to' etc.
December 2016
Word Order, Sentence Structure
September 2016
Zien - to See
Horen - to Hear
Kijken - to Look
Zeggen - to say
Spreken - to Speak
Praten - to Talk, Chat
Vertellen - 'to Tell'
Schrijven - to Write
Lezen - to Read
Komen - 'to Come'
'to Know' - Kennen or Weten
July 2016
Verbs: Gaan - 'to go'
June 2016
Spelling and Pronunciation 2
May 2016
Spelling and Pronunciation 1
Smartphone Program for Learning Dutch
Aprl 2016
Verbs: Willen - 'to want to, desire, wish'
March 2016
Verbs: Mogen - 'may, be allowed to'
Verbs: Kunnen - 'can, be able to'
Verbs: Doen - 'to do'
Februari 2016
Prepositions Pictorial
December 2015
Punctuation Marks and Grammar Terms
November 2015
Reflexive Verbs
November 2015
A Dutch Continuous and
zitten - 'to sit' - liggen - 'to lie down'
lopen - 'to walk' - staan - 'to stand'
The Passive Voice and worden
The Future Tense and zullen
October 2015
The Changes of Strong Verbs
The Perfect Tenses - hebben and zijn
The Past Tense - The Present Tense
The Verb Stem - Verbs Introduction
September 2015
Elementary Words Pictures Dictionary
(3 pages)
Time - Numbers
Identical words and False Friends
Pronunciation Exercise
Food Pictures Dictionary:
[plate of food]
[loaf of bread]
other food
August 2015
Smartphone, 1-column version of the
Basic Dutch Words (24 pages)
March 2015
started Flash Card Exercises
(a vocabulary and a listening series, about 55 pages)

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