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Laten click to hear is often combined with other verbs, in the meaning of to 'let,' allow, or 'make' etc. The other verb will be in the infinitive form and without 'te' - more
Laten can also appear 'by itself,' without other verbs, and can then also mean 'to let,' allow, or sometimes it's translated as 'to leave, leaving.' Study the sample sentences for a better understanding of the use and meaning of laten.

'Laten' as A Simple Verb
'Laten' Combined with Other Verbs
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Laten is a strong verb:

to 'let'
- liet
- gelaten
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laten to 'let' allow
ik laat I let
wij laten we let
ik liet I let
wij lieten we let
ik heb gelaten I have let
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simple present tense
laten to let
ik laat I let
jij laat you let (singular, informal you)
hij laat he lets
wij laten we let
jullie laten you let (plural, informal you)
zij laten they let
U laat you let (polite you)
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simple past tense
(laten) to let
ik liet I let
jij liet you let
hij liet he let
wij lieten we let
jullie lieten y'all let
zij lieten they let
U liet you let
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present perfect tense

ik heb gelaten click to hear 2 I have let
- is unusual, only used for the 'independent' verb. More common is the 'modal' form
ik heb laten click to hear 2 I have let

Sample Sentences: 'Laten' as A Simple Verb

Laat me! click to hear [Let me!] - Let me do my own thing, leave me alone, don't interfere with me

Laat maar click to hear Let it be, don't bother (sometimes said when the speaker doesn't feel like an argument or further explanation)

Als je dat maar laat! click to hear 2 3 ['If only you don't do that'] - Leave it out, don't do that

Laat de boel de boel click to hear [Let the things be the things] - Leave things as they are (for a moment) - take a break

Ik heb 't maar zo gelaten click to hear 2 I just left it like that (I was done with it)

een wind laten click to hear 2 to fart

(iets) overlaten aan click to hear leaving (something) to Laat het aan de vakman over click to hear Leave it to the professionals (Dutch uses the singular 'professional')

te water laten click to hear 2 [to let to the water] - to launch a ship

met rust laten click to hear 'to leave in peace,' not bother someone, 'to leave alone' Ze hebben ons met rust gelaten click to hear 2 They have left us alone, they didn't bother us Laat 'm met rust click to hear 2 Leave him alone, don't bother him

in de steek laten click to hear 2 3 to abandon (people) - to desert (people) - to let down (people) - 'to leave in the lurch' Ze hebben ons in de steek gelaten click to hear 2 3 They abandoned us, They let us down, They didn't stand with us

een veer laten click to hear to [leave] drop a feather - to lose some serious money Hij moest een veer laten click to hear 2 3 He [had to lose] lost a lot of money

'Achterlaten' click to hear 2 'to leave behind' (go away from a place without taking someone or something) is a splitting compound verb:

achterlaten to leave behind
ik laat achter I'm leaving behind
ik liet achter I left behind
ik heb achtergelaten I have left behind
click to hear

Ik liet hem achter in Babylon click to hear 2 3 I left him (behind) in Babylon

toelaten click to hear 2 'to allow, permit' (actions, behavior) - also: 'to allow entry, to admit' niet toelaten click to hear 2 'to disallow, not permit' - and also: 'not admit, not allow entry' niet toestaan click to hear (only) 'not allow, not permit' (actions, behavior) verboden toegang click to hear 'entry not allowed, stay out!'

'Nalaten' click to hear 2 meaning 'failing to do, refraining from' is a bit old-fashioned - but it can also mean 'to leave behind, to bequeath' (when you die.)

Sample Sentences: 'Laten' Combined with Other Verbs

Laat maar zitten click to hear 2 3 [Let it sit] - It's OK, don't bother (usually said when you pay, offering the change as a tip, 'no need to give me the change') de kraan laten lopen click to hear 2 letting the [faucet] water run

Laat het een les zijn click to hear 2 3 Let it be a lesson, See it as a lesson, Consider it to be a lesson (Learn from it)

Laten we tot morgen wachten click to hear (Let us) Let's wait till tomorrow

Laat 't twintig minuten koken click to hear 2 3 Let it boil for 20 minutes Laat 't afkoelen click to hear 2 Let it, allow it to cool down

Laat ik dat eerst even doen click to hear 2 Let me [take a moment to] do that first

Leven en laten leven click to hear 2 Live and let live Laat me leven click to hear 2 3 Let me live (Don't kill me)

Laten we aan 't werk gaan click to hear 2 3 4 Let's get to work, let's start working, start the job

Laat je thee niet koud worden click to hear 2 3 Don't let your tea get cold

Ik wil niks verloren laten gaan click to hear 2 [I want nothing ... - I don't want to let anything go to waste] - I don't want anything go to waste

Laten we niet te hard van stapel lopen click to hear (saying) [Let's not launch too quickly] - Let's not go ahead too fast

Hij laat er geen gras over groeien click to hear 2 3 (saying) ['He doesn't let (allow) grass grow over it'] - he's taking action immediately

Laat je handjes maar eens wapperen click to hear 2 (saying) ['Make your (little) hands wave frantically, snap'] - Get active! Get cracking!

De vorige eigenaar had het huis roze laten verven click to hear The previous owner had had the house painted pink

English sometimes has one verb where Dutch has a combination of laten with another verb, for instance laten zien click to hear 2 ['to let see'] - to show

laten zien to show
ik laat zien I'm showing
wij laten zien we're showing
ik liet zien I showed
wij lieten zien we showed
ik heb laten zien I have shown
click to hear

Ik heb laten zien click to hear 2 I have shown

Ik heb moeten laten zien click to hear I had to show, I was forced to show

Hij liet ons een paar foto's zien click to hear 2 He showed us some pictures

Also: Hij liet ons een paar liedjes horen click to hear 2 He let us hear a few songs, he played some songs for us

laten vallen click to hear 2 'to let fall,' to drop

laten vallen to drop
ik laat vallen I drop
wij laten vallen we drop
ik liet vallen I dropped
wij lieten vallen we dropped
ik heb laten vallen I have dropped
click to hear

Hij laat alles vallen click to hear 2 3 He lets everything slip from his hands, he drops everything (also figuratively)

Ik liet alles vallen click to hear 2 I let everything slip from my hands, I dropped everything (also figuratively)

laten liggen click to hear 2 3 'to let lie' - either not cleaning up and putting things away or not using a chance, letting an opportunity pass by

Lies is lastig en laat alles liggen click to hear Lies is a pain-in-the-neck and doesn't clean up

Dutch schrikken click to hear 2 3 4 is 'to be shocked' or 'to be frightened'
It's a strong verb: schrikken / schrok / geschrokken click to hear 2 3
(het) schrikdraad click to hear 'electric fence'
(het) schrikbewind click to hear 2 3 'reign of terror, rule by fear'

Ik schrok van de prijs click to hear 2 I was shocked, taken aback by the price

laten schrikken click to hear 2 to frighten, to shock

Ik heb de eieren laten schrikken click to hear [I have startled the eggs] - put just-boiled eggs in cold water (for easier peeling)

Sometimes, 'Laten' is translated by other words than 'to let' or 'to leave'

Hij liet ons een uur wachten click to hear 2 3 4 He made us wait for an hour

Laat me niet lachen click to hear 2 Don't make me laugh (What you're suggesting is ridiculous)

'Mogen' click to hear 2 is 'being allowed to,' 'may'

Ik mag geen varkensvlees eten click to hear
[I'm not allowed to] I can't eat pork (doctor's orders, religion)
- More on the Mogen page

'Laat' click to hear (laat/late click to hear 2) can be an adjective or adverb meaning 'late, not in/on time,' 'later than expected' or 'at the end of a time frame' - more

English 'to let' meaning 'to rent out, to lease' (receiving money for letting people use items you own) is verhuren click to hear 2
'To rent,' paying money for use is huren click to hear in Dutch

huren to rent
ik huur I am renting
wij huren we are renting
ik huurde I rented
wij huurden we rented
ik heb gehuurd I have rented
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'To buy' is kopen click to hear
Like in English, it is a strong verb:

to buy
- kocht
- gekocht
click to hear

kopen to buy
ik koop I'm buying
wij kopen we are buying
ik kocht I bought
wij kochten we bought
ik heb gekocht I have bought
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'Kopen' Full Conjugation - Shopping

Letland click to hear is 'Latvia' and a person from that country is (een click to hear) Let click to hear 2 '(a) Latvian'
Lithuania is Litouwen click to hear and Estonia is Estland click to hear
A part of the Latvia/Estonia area was called Lijfland click to hear 2 ('Livonia')
De Oostzee click to hear 2 'The Baltic Sea'
From the late Middle Ages there was trade between cities in what's now The Netherlands and the Baltic.
- Dutch Names of Foreign Lands etc.

'Opletten' click to hear 2 3 means 'to pay attention, to check.' It's a splitting verb:

opletten to pay attention
ik let op I'm paing attention
ik lette op I paid attention
ik heb opgelet I have paid attention
click to hear 2
'Letten op' click to hear 2 3 is used when there's a specific item or person to be watched

Let op! click to hear 2 3
Opgelet! click to hear 2 3 4 5 Pay attention! (Something you need to see (hear, feel) will happen shortly) Pas op! click to hear Watch out! Be careful! oplettend click to hear 2 3 attentive, paying good attention oplettende lezertjes ... click to hear 2 3 attentive young readers ...

Let maar niet op mij click to hear 2 Now don't pay attention to me (I'm doing my own thing)

We hebben goed op de temperatuur gelet click to hear 2 We paid close attention to the temperature

Hij zit niet goed op te letten click to hear 2 3 He's not paying close attention

Je moet goed opletten click to hear 2 3 You have to pay close attention

We hadden goed opgelet tijdens de les click to hear 2 We had paid close attention during the lesson

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