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Dutch Verb Lopen ('to walk') - Smartphones Page

'Lopen' is from the same root as English 'to leap,' but meaning changed
Examples of Usage
Running and Strolling
(lopen click to hear 2 ) to walk
ik loop I walk
jij loopt you walk (singular, informal you)
hij loopt he walks
wij lopen we walk
jullie lopen you walk (plural, informal you)
zij lopen they walk
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(lopen) to walk
loop ik? do I walk?
loop jij? do you walk?
loopt hij? does he walk?
lopen wij? do we walk?
lopen jullie? do y'all walk?
lopen zij? do they walk?
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U loopt you walk (polite you)
loopt U? do you walk?
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'Lopen' ('to walk') is a strong verb:
lopen / liep / gelopen click to hear 2

(lopen click to hear 2 ) to walk
ik liep I walked
jij liep you walked
hij liep he walked
wij liepen we walked
jullie liepen y'all walked
zij liepen they walked
U liep you walked
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ik heb gelopen click to hear
ik ben gelopen click to hear
I have walked
Dutch verbs of motion usually have hebben as auxiliary verb for the perfect tense when it's about the time spent in motion, and zijn when it's about the destination.

ik heb een uur gelopen click to hear 2
'I walked for an hour'

ik ben naar huis gelopen click to hear 2
'I walked home'

ik ben naar Amsterdam gelopen click to hear 2
'I walked to Amsterdam'

'Lopen' is also used to indicate an ongoing activity in the Dutch continuous, like for instance in:
Hij loopt te schelden click to hear
He is swearing, cursing out
See the continuous page for more examples.

Examples of Usage

Ik loop langzaam click to hear
I walk slowly, I'm a slow walker

[I walk with a cane]
Ik loop met een stok click to hear 2 3 4
I walk with a cane

op loopafstand click to hear
within walking distance

Hij liep 't huis uit click to hear
He walked out of the house

Ze liep naar 't huis toe click to hear
She walked towards the house

Hij liep uit de vergadering click to hear
He walked out of the meeting

college lopen click to hear
attending classes at a college or university - >>

'Lopen' is sometimes better translated as 'to be' or 'to get,' just like 'zitten.'

Er loopt een kat in de tuin click to hear 2
There's a cat in the yard

Die klok loopt achter click to hear 2
That clock [runs behind] is slow

't Loopt uit de hand click to hear 2 3
It's getting out of hand (we're losing control)

't Zal wel niet zo'n vaart lopen click to hear 2 3 4
['It's not going to pick up speed'] - It won't happen soon (so don't worry about it)
(de) vaart click to hear 2 'momentum' - also: tour; canal

Ik wil hem niet voor de voeten lopen click to hear 2 3 ['I don't want to walk in front of his feet'] - I don't want to be in his way (figuratively, hinder him)
Iemand voor de voeten lopen click to hear 2 3 4 5 to be in someone's way (figuratively)

'Aflopen' click to hear usually means 'to end, come to an end' - also about stories or other imaginary events.

't Is een aflopende zaak click to hear 2
a business or an endeavor heading downhill, on its last legs

Hoe zal 't aflopen? click to hear
How is it going to end?

Hoe is 't afgelopen? click to hear
How did it end?

't Loopt niet goed af click to hear 2
It's not going to end well

Ik wil weten hoe 't afloopt click to hear 2
I want to know how it (usually a story) will end

Lang nadat de oorlog was afgelopen click to hear 2 3
Long after the war had ended

Ik ben blij dat het goed is afgelopen click to hear
I'm glad it ended well

'Afgelopen' click to hear 2 - the the past participle of 'aflopen' click to hear is usually translated as 'last' or 'past.'

afgelopen woensdag click to hear 2
last wednesday

in de afgelopen dagen click to hear 2 3
in the past days

(De) aflopende rand click to hear 2 is a sloping edge, a 'bevel.'

in de loop van de dag click to hear
in the course of the day

(de) samenloop van omstandigheden click to hear
['coming/running together of circumstances'] - coincidence

(de) doodlopende weg click to hear 2
dead-end street

[portable lamp]
(de) looplamp click to hear portable lamp

(de) afloop click to hear 2 ending
(de) aanloop click to hear run before a jump
(de) loopfiets click to hear 'walker bicycle' (no pedals, chain etc.)
(de) loopbaan click to hear career ["life path"]
(de) loopgraaf click to hear 2 trench
(de) zandloper click to hear [sand-runner] hourglass
(de) loper click to hear bishop (chess)
master key
(de) loopplank click to hear 2 gangplank (between ship and quay)

(de) voorloper click to hear 2 3 4 5 precursor, forerunner
voorlopig click to hear 2 for the time being, in the immediate future; preliminary
Voorlopig nog niet click to hear 2
Not in the immediate future
De voorlopige uitslag van de verkiezingen click to hear 2 3 4
The preliminary results of the elections ->>

(de) stap click to hear step - the movement of leg and foot
plural: stappen click to hear 2 'steps' - also a verb meaning 'visiting café's and bars'
a step on a stair is (de) tree click to hear - also: (de) trede click to hear

'Lopen' can also be translated as 'to run,' often with engines or devices

De motor loopt weer click to hear 2
The engine is running again
Hij loopt lekker click to hear 2
It's running fine, smoothly

(de) lopende band click to hear 2 3
[running -] conveyor belt, assembly line
Aan de lopende band click to hear 2
'Like coming off a conveyor belt' - ceaselessly, continually (said for instance of someone producing an endless series of jokes)

De kraan laten lopen click to hear 2
To let [the faucet] the water run

Running and Strolling

For 'running,' a person moving fast, you can say rennen click to hear 2 - but the compound and splitting verb hardlopen click to hear 2 3 ("to walk fast") is more common. 'Rennen' often has a sense of hurry, rushing.

rennen to run
ik ren I run
wij rennen we run
ik rende I ran
wij renden we ran
ik heb gerend
ik ben gerend
I have run
click to hear

hardlopen to run
ik loop hard I run
ik liep hard I ran
ik heb hardgelopen I have run
click to hear 2 3
ik heb hardgelopen click to hear 2 I have run

Morgen wil ik gaan hardlopen click to hear 2
Tomorrow I want to go running

Laten we niet te hard van stapel lopen click to hear 2
[Let's not launch too early] - Let's not rush into it

Ik moest rennen om de bus te halen click to hear 2 3
I had to run to catch the bus

Ik rende van de ene winkel naar de andere click to hear 2
I rushed from [one store to the other] store to store

A pleasant, enjoyable walk is (de) wandeling click to hear 2 - plural: wandelingen click to hear 2 ('walks, strolls') - the verb is wandelen click to hear

wandelen to stroll
ik wandel I stroll
wij wandelen we stroll
ik wandelde I strolled
wij wandelden we strolled
ik heb gewandeld
ik ben gewandeld
I have strolled
click to hear
(The verb stem wandel ends in 'voiceless E' followed by a consonant. 'Voiceless E' will remain voiceless E, a single vowel, and the consonant is not doubled.)
For heb/ben see above

Ik wil gaan wandelen click to hear
I want to go for a stroll

We wandelden in het park click to hear 2 3
We were walking in the park

(de) boswandeling click to hear 2 forest stroll
(de) wandelwagen click to hear 2 stroller (transporting children)
(de) wandelende tak click to hear 2 'walking [branch] stick' (insect)

[three canes]
wandelstokken click to hear canes, walking sticks
[hiking boots]
bergschoenen click to hear ['mountain shoes'] - hiking boots

A Dutch Continuous
zitten - liggen - staan - lopen

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