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Dutch Verb Staan ('to stand') - Smartphones Page

(staan click to hear ) to stand, be standing
ik sta I stand, I'm standing
jij staat you stand (singular, informal you)
hij staat he stands
wij staan we stand
jullie staan you stand (plural, informal you)
zij staan they stand
U staat you stand (polite you)
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'Staan' is a strong verb: staan / stond / gestaan click to hear 2

(staan) to stand
ik stond I stood, I was standing
jij stond you stood
hij stond he stood
wij stonden we stood
jullie stonden y'all stood
zij stonden they stood
U stond you stood
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ik heb gestaan click to hear I have stood, I was standing

'Staan' is also used to indicate an ongoing activity in the Dutch continuous, like for instance in:
We staan te wachten op een taxi. click to hear 2 3
We're waiting for a taxi.
See the continuous page for more examples.

Er stonden een paar mensen in de rij voor het loket click to hear
There were a few people standing in line at the counter

Ik stond erbij en ik keek ernaar click to hear 2 3
I was standing by (it) and looking at it

't Is hollen of stilstaan click to hear 2 3 4
['It's either running or standing still'] - 'When it rains, it pours'

Je wordt geflest waar je bijstaat click to hear 2 3
'You're being cheated as you stand by, in your presence' - bare-facedly

Ik heb nog een koffer in Berlijn staan click to hear
I still have a suitcase [standing] in Berlin (Hildegard Knef)

Like Dutch zitten ('to sit,') staan ('to stand') is also often translated as 'to be' in English

't Staat onder water click to hear 2
It's under water, it's flooded
De straten staan blank click to hear 2 3
The streets are flooded, under water

't Huis staat in brand click to hear 2
The house is on fire

in een kwade reuk staan click to hear 2 3
['To be in a evil smell'] - to have a bad reputation, to be tainted

Het water staat me tot de lippen click to hear
The water [stands] comes up to my lips - it can't go on like this

Er staat veel op het spel click to hear
There is much [in play] at stake

Hij staat altijd voor je klaar click to hear 2
Hij staat altijd klaar voor je click to hear
He's always 'there' for you, willing and available to help you

't staat click to hear 2 3 often means 'it looks' 't Staat je goed click to hear 2 3
't Staat je leuk click to hear 2 3
It looks good on you, You look good in it (a good choice of clothes)
't Staat zo armoedig click to hear 2 3 4
[It looks so poor] - it makes you look poor

Opgeruimd staat netjes click to hear
Cleaned up, things in their place, out of the way looks good

Die klok staat voor click to hear 2 3
[That clock is ahead] - that clock runs fast

't Huilen stond 'm nader dan 't lachen click to hear 2
He [stood} was closer to [crying] tears than [laughing] laughter

"Er staat me iets van bij" click to hear 2 3 ['Something of it is with me'] - 'I vaguely remember'

'Wat er staat' click to hear 2 3 ['what stands there'] usually means 'What is written there' - or in common English 'What it says.'

Begrijp je echt wat er staat? click to hear 2
Do you really understand what it says?
Wat op 't pak staat click to hear 2
What it says on the (package) box
't Staat in de Bijbel click to hear 2
It says so in the Bible

opstaan click to hear 2 'to get up, out of bed'
Ik sta elke dag vroeg op click to hear 2
I get up early every day
Hoe laat moet je opstaan? click to hear 2
What time do you need to get up?
Ben je opgestaan? click to hear 2
Did you get up?
Ik ben om zes uur opgestaan click to hear 2
I got up at 6
Niet te laat opstaan click to hear
Don't get up late
Dan moet je vroeger opstaan click to hear 2 3
['then you have to get up earlier'] - (expression) 'For that you need to do more work, be more alert etc.

verstaan to hear, understand what is said
ik versta I understand
wij verstaan we understand
ik verstond I understood
wij verstonden we understood
ik heb verstaan I have understood
click to hear 2

verstaan click to hear 2 'to hear, understand what is said'
Heb je 't verstaan? click to hear 2
'Did you understand what was said?'
(Ik spreek geen Nederlands click to hear 2
I don't speak Dutch)
Maar ik kan het wel verstaan click to hear 2 3
But I do understand it
Ik kan het niet goed verstaan click to hear 2 3
I don't really understand it, I can't hear very well what is said
Ik kan je niet verstaan click to hear 2
I don't understand what you're saying (informal 'you')
Ik kan U niet goed verstaan click to hear
I cannot hear very well what you're saying
Omdat ik het niet verstond click to hear 2
Because I didn't (could not) hear what was said

Slakken staan me tegen click to hear
I'm revolted by [the idea of eating] snails

aanstaande click to hear 2 3 4 'upcoming' - also: 'intended' (marriage partner)
aanstaande vrijdag click to hear 2 3
this (coming) friday

[(het)] bestaan click to hear 2 3 existence; to exist
(de) buitenstaander click to hear 2 3 outsider
(de) tegenstander click to hear 2 3 4 opponent, person against
(de) voorstander click to hear 2 proponent, person in favor
(de) toestand click to hear situation; bad situation
niet toestaan click to hear to disallow, not permit
omstandigheden click to hear 2 3 circumstances
(het) standbeeld click to hear 2 3 statue
(het) standpunt click to hear 2 [standing] view-point (opinion)
(de) stilstand click to hear 2 standstill
(de) opstand click to hear 2 uprising, revolt
(de) weerstand click to hear 2 resistance
onweerstaanbaar click to hear irresistable
zelfstandig click to hear 2 ['self-standing'] - independent

A Dutch Continuous
zitten - liggen - staan - lopen

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