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Dutch Verb 'zitten' ('to sit, be sitting, be seated') - Smartphones Page

Zitten click to hear ('to sit, be sitting, be seated') - the verb stem zit click to hear already ends in T, so no second T is added to second and third person singular:
zitten to sit, be sitting
ik zit I'm sitting
jij zit you're sitting (singular, informal you)
hij zit he's sitting
wij zitten we're sitting
jullie zitten you are sitting (plural, informal you)
zij zitten they're sitting
U zit you are sitting (polite you)
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'Zitten' is a strong verb: zitten / zat / gezeten click to hear
Like most strong verbs with an A in the past tense, that A is short in the singular, but long in the plural

ik zat I sat
jij zat you sat
hij zat he sat
wij zaten we sat
jullie zaten y'all sat
zij zaten they sat
U zat you sat
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ik heb gezeten click to hear 'I have sat'
A slang meaning of 'zitten' is 'to be in prison,' so 'ik heb gezeten' may also mean 'I've been in prison.'

'Zitten' is also used to indicate an ongoing activity in the Dutch continuous, like for instance in:
We zitten te eten. click to hear
[We're eating] - We're having [food] dinner (or lunch)
See the continuous page for more examples.

Hij zat aan tafel click to hear
He was sitting at the table
Hij zat bij 't raam click to hear
He was sitting at the window

even zitten! click to hear 2
I need to sit down (and relax) for a moment

ga zitten click to hear 2
[go sit] - take a seat

Misschien kunnen we wel buiten zitten click to hear 2
Maybe we can sit outside

't Vogeltje zit op z'n nestje click to hear 2
The (little) bird is sitting on its (little) nest
't Vogeltje zit zo zoet op z'n nestje click to hear
The (little) bird is so sweetly sitting on its (little) nest

Ik heb een uur bij de tandarts gezeten click to hear 2
I've [sat] been at the dentists's for an hour ('in the chair')

We zaten aan 't ontbijt click to hear
We were at breakfast, we were having breakfast

blijven zitten click to hear 2
['to remain seated'] - not advancing to the next grade in school

Dutch 'zitten' is not always translated into English as 'to sit' - often it's like 'to be' or 'to be left' or 'to contain'

Er zit een muis op zolder click to hear 2 3
There's a mouse in the attic

Er zit een gat in 't dak click to hear 2
There's a hole in the roof

Hij zit in de tweede klas click to hear 2
He's in second grade

Hij zat in de nor click to hear
He was in prison (slang)

Ik zat een uur bij de tandarts click to hear 2 3
I was at the dentist for an hour

Ik zit op de tocht click to hear 2 3
I'm in a draft (an unpleasant, cold air flow)

De wind is gaan liggen, maar we zitten nog steeds in het water click to hear
The wind has died down, but we're still [in the water] flooded

Als de R in de maand zit click to hear 2
When there is an R in the (name of) the month (time for the daily spoonful of cod liver oil: (de) levertraan click to hear 2)

Daar zit wat in click to hear 2 3
Er zit wat in click to hear 2 3 4 5
literally: there's something in it, it contains something - or figuratively: there's something to it, there's a good idea in it, there's some truth in it

Brood, daar zit wat in click to hear 2
'Bread, there's something (good?) in it' - not entirely successful slogan

Er zit een luchtje aan click to hear 2
[There's a bad smell to it] - It's fishy

Er zit geen brood in click to hear
[There is no bread in it] - There's not much money to be made with it, you can't make a living from it
Er zit geen schot in click to hear 2
There is no progress, it is stuck

Er zit niks anders op click to hear 2 3
There is nothing else that can be done, there is just one thing to be done

Hij zit in de bijstand click to hear 2
He is on welfare, he is on the dole
Hij zit in 't leger click to hear 2 3
He is in the army
but: Hij is bij de marine click to hear 2
He's in the navy

Laat maar zitten click to hear 2 3
'Let it be' - don't bother, it doesn't matter (also said when tipping, like 'keep the change')

Maar wij zitten met de gebakken peren click to hear 2 3
[But we are left with the baked pears] - It's us, we are the ones who have to pick up the pieces, deal with the mess others made

'n Ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje click to hear
['An accident sits in a small corner'] - Accidents can happen anywhere and unexpectedly

't Zit als gegoten click to hear
'It fits like it's cast' - said of well-fitting clothes

[arm in cast]
Ik zit in 't gips click to hear 2
[I'm in plaster] - I have a cast

(Wanneer is 't klaar? click to hear 2 3
When [is] will it be ready?)

Als 't meezit ... click to hear 2
If things go well, if we're lucky ...
Als 't meezit is 't morgen klaar click to hear
If things go well it will be ready tomorrow

Als 't tegenzit ... click to hear 2
if it doesn't go well, if we're not lucky, if things don't work out ...
Als 't tegenzit kan 't nog wel een week duren click to hear
If things don't work out, it may take a week

't Zit ons niet mee click to hear 2 3
It's not going well, we're having a lot of trouble, luck seems against us

(het) bezit click to hear
(het) eigendom click to hear
(de) voorzitter click to hear 2 chairman
(de) stoel click to hear
stoelen click to hear
(de) zetel click to hear 'seat (in parliament)' - Politics

A Dutch Continuous
zitten - liggen - staan - lopen

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