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Disambiguation: Dutch 'Door' - Multiple Meanings and Related Words

Disambiguation: Many common Dutch words have more than one meaning.

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  1. 'by' (the agent of activity) - "stung by a bee"
  2. 'through' (a passage) - "through the window"
1. door = by (by the agent of the passive voice) or: because of

Dutch preposition bij ~ near, at, with, by
by artists = van
Dutch prefix bij = side-
2. door = through, a passage
Compound Words with door
English 'door' = deur

1. 'door' = 'by' -- often with The Passive Voice -- or: 'because of'

Ik word geschopt door Jan click to hear I am being kicked by John
De bal werd door Jan in het doel geschopt click to hear 2 The ball was shot into the goal by John
Het huis wordt door mij geverfd click to hear The house is being painted by me
Bent U gebeten door Uw hond? click to hear 2 3 Were you bitten by your dog?
Ik werd niet door een wesp gestoken, maar door een bij click to hear I was not stung by a wasp but by a bee
Het huis werd door een raket getroffen click to hear The house was hit by a rocket
Een aanval vanuit een land is een aanval door dat land click to hear An attack from a country is an attack by that country
gedeeld door click to hear 2 divided by ("over")
acht gedeeld door vier is twee click to hear 8 : 4 = 2
Door de tegenwind kwamen we maar met moeite vooruit click to hear 2 Because of the wind-against we only progressed [with difficulty] slowly
Door schade en schande wijs geworden click to hear [Educated by damage and shame] - The school of hard knocks
Je kunt door de bomen 't bos niet zien click to hear 2 3 You can't see the forest [because of] for the trees
't Komt door de regen click to hear 2 3 It is because of the rain, it is caused by the rain

More about the Passive Voice - (de) lijdende vorm click to hear ['suffering form']
- Lesson 13 - Smartphone Page

Synomyms, Alternates and Related Words

The Dutch preposition 'bij' click to hear is like English 'by' ('Down by the River') in meanings like 'close to,' 'near,' 'at' and 'with' etc.
nabij click to hear 2 nearby, close by
dichtbij click to hear close by, close to
bijna click to hear 2 almost ->>
bijvoorbeeld click to hear 2 for example
voorbij click to hear past, over, 'history' ‑>>
bijeen click to hear together
(de) bijeenkomst click to hear 2 [get-together] - gathering, meeting
bij elkaar click to hear 2 3 4 5 together
bij elkaar komen click to hear 2 getting together

(de) bijdrage click to hear 2 ['added carry, support'] contribution
(de) eigen bijdrage click to hear 2 ['own contribution'] co-payment
(de) bijsluiter click to hear 2 [added insert] ~ medication information
(de) bijstand click to hear 2 3 support, 'help,' assistance, 'Welfare'
bijvoeglijk naamwoord click to hear 2 ['added name-word'] adjective
bijwoord click to hear 2 3 ['added word'] adverb
bij voorbaat mijn dank click to hear 2 [my thanks] thank you in advance
bij voorbaat bedankt click to hear thanks in advance

bij kaarslicht click to hear 2 3 by candlelight
Hij zat bij 't raam click to hear He was sitting at the window
Ik kom zo bij U click to hear 2 3 I'll [come] be with you in a moment
bij ons thuis click to hear 2 literally: 'at our home' - but usually this means: "at my parents' house when I was a child"
Ik werk bij ... click to hear 2 I work at ..., I'm employed by ...
Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij de gemeente click to hear I've applied for a job with the city
Kom je een keer bij ons eten? click to hear 2 3 Would you like to come for dinner at our house sometime?
Ga bij het kruispunt rechts click to hear [Go right] Take a right at the intersection
Bij 't krieken van de dag click to hear At daybreak
Een koekje bij de thee click to hear A cookie with [the] your tea
Heeft U er postzegels bij? click to hear 2 3 Do you have (sell) stamps (with) for it? (in a shop)
Was ik maar bij moeder thuis gebleven click to hear 2 3 4 I wish I had stayed with my mom (at my parents' house)
Hij is bij de marine click to hear 2 He is [with] in the navy
Ik zat een uur bij de tandarts click to hear 2 3 I [sat] was at the dentist for an hour
Hoe is het weer bij jou? click to hear How is the weather where you're at, at your place?
't Einde is nabij click to hear 2 slow The end is near
We zijn dicht bij de grens click to hear We're close to the border
Hij woont dicht bij het museum click to hear He lives close to the museum
We zijn er bijna click to hear We're almost there
Tasje d'r bij? click to hear Would you like a bag with it? (in a shop)
Water bij de wijn doen click to hear 2 3 'Adding water to the wine' - going for a compromise
Ik kan het niet meer bijhouden click to hear 2 [can no longer] can't keep up (with it)
Ik kan er helaas niet zelf bij zijn click to hear Unfortunately, I cannot [be there myself / in person] be present
Ik kan er niet bij click to hear 2 3 literally: 'I can't reach it, it's out of reach' - but usually meaning figuratively: 'I don't understand it' (people's behavior)
Ik stond erbij en ik keek ernaar click to hear 2 3 I was standing near (it) and looking at it
Je wordt geflest waar je bijstaat click to hear 2 3 'You're being cheated [as you stand by] in your presence' - bare-facedly
"Er staat me iets van bij" click to hear 2 3 ['Something of it is with me'] - 'I vaguely remember'
Hij zit in de bijstand click to hear 2 He's on welfare

Bij 't minste of geringste geluid werd-ie wakker click to hear
He woke up at the littlest noise

bij nader inzien click to hear upon [nearer] closer inspection, now that I've thought about it
bij gebrek aan beter click to hear [on lacking something better] in the absence of a better alternative
bij wijze van spreken click to hear 2 3 as a manner of speech

To name the creators of works of art English says 'by' - Dutch says 'van' click to hear 2 - more 'van'

Een schilderij van Van Gogh click to hear A painting by Van Gogh
Een boek van Vestdijk click to hear 2 3 A book by Vestdijk
't Doet me denken aan een boek van Mulisch click to hear 2 It makes me think of a book by Mulisch

Dutch (de) bij click to hear is 'bee,' our source of honey.
de Bijenkorf click to hear 2 'the Beehive' (an upscale department store)

In compound nouns, 'bij' as a prefix often means something like 'side, secondary,' not the main, dominant or most interesting part, 'annex,' 'sub-'

(het) bijgerecht click to hear 2 3 side dish
bijwerkingen click to hear 2 side effects (medication)
also: (het) neveneffect click to hear 2 side effect
(de) bijnier click to hear 2 ['kidney annex'] ('adrenal gland')
(de) bijzin click to hear 2 [sub-sentence] subordinate clause
(het) bijbaantje click to hear 2 (small) second job
(het) bijgeloof click to hear 2 superstition ->>

(de) bijsmaak click to hear 2 3 ['side taste' - maybe 'note' is the English equivalent] a usually unpleasant 'side' taste next to the 'main' taste of drink or food
(het) bijgeluid click to hear 2 3 ['side noise' - there is no English equivalent] - 'noise' - an unwanted, annoying, irritating or interfering sound next to what you want to hear 't Heeft een rare bijsmaak click to hear 2 3
There is a strange (additional) taste to it

(het) bijgebouw click to hear 2 3 'side building, annex'
Anne Frank's Diary is sometimes called 'The Secret Annex' after the poor girl's hideout. The book title in Dutch is Anne Frank: Het Achterhuis click to hear - 'the back of the house, the house behind'

bijzaak click to hear 2 side issue, not the main issue "Dat is maar bijzaak" click to hear 2 3 4
'That is only a side issue, that's not the important thing

In a physical sense, 'side' is often 'zij' click to hear 2 - which of course also can mean 'she' or 'they' (de) zijkant click to hear 2 side (of a box, house etc.) ->> opzij! click to hear 2 3 to the side! Get out of the way!

2. 'Door' = 'through' - a passage

Elk pondje gaat door 't mondje click to hear Every (little) pound goes through the (little) mouth (a dieting slogan)
Ze kwam binnen door 't raam van de badkamer click to
   hear She came in through the bathroom window
Als een mes door de boter click to hear Like a knife through (the) butter (very easily)
recht door zee click to hear 2 3 [straight through the sea] - said of a straight-talking person
De kogel door de kerk click to hear [the bullet through the church] - decision taken, the die is cast
door dik en dun click to hear through thick and thin
door de jaren heen click to hear 2 through the years, in the course of the years
door de week click to hear through the week - on a weekday
doordeweekse dag click to hear 2 ['through-the-week-day'] weekday
doorzichtig click to hear 2 [see-through] - transparent
rechtdoor click to hear 2 [straight through] go straight
Bij 't kruispunt rechtdoor click to hear Go straight at the intersection
doorbraak click to hear 2 breakthrough
doorsnede click to hear 2 3 cross-section, diameter // ~average
doordouwer click to hear [through-pusher] a tenacious, persisting person
doorslaggevend click to hear 2 decisive, deciding (tipping the balance)

'Doorgaan' click to hear 2 means 'to go on, to continue, to beat on' - occasionally translated as 'going through.'

't Leven gaat door click to hear 2 Life goes on
We moeten doorgaan click to hear 2 3 We have go on
We kunnen niet zo doorgaan click to hear We can't go on like this
't Gaat door! click to hear It is on! (An event like a sports match or a concert that was uncertain to happen will take place)
doorgaand verkeer click to hear 2 3 4 through [-going] traffic
De zon komt door click to hear 2 The sun is coming [through] out (clouds are disappearing)
Als de zon doorkomt na een regenbui click to hear 2 3 When the sun comes [through] out after a shower ->>
niet goed doordacht click to hear 2 3 not well thought [through] out - rash
Ik zal U doorverbinden click to hear 2 I'll [connect] put you through (telephone) ->>
(de) doorverbinding click to hear (unusual)
plural: doorverbindingen click to hear 2
connection in communication, 'link'
Ik moet er vandoor click to hear 2 I have to go, I'm leaving
't Mes dat het touw doorsneed click to hear 2 3 The knife that cut (through) the rope
Door de rooie gaan click to hear ['crossing the red one (red line)'] 'to become irrational, go ballistic' (because of exhaustion or anger)
- 'Red' is rood click to hear 2 (rood/rode click to hear) but in colloquial Dutch, the D of rode often softens to a consonant-Y (Dutch J) sound: rooie - hear: rood - rode - rooie click to hear 2

[medal showing a farm worker holding a shovel]
faux 'old' Dutch for: Doorzie de grond click to hear 2
['see through, look deep into] understand the soil'

Synomyms, Alternates and Related Words

The English 'door' that closes the entrance to a room or building is (de) deur click to hear 2 - see also: The House
door de deur click to hear 2 through the door
open click to hear open de deur is open click to hear 2 the door is open
dicht click to hear closed de deur is dicht click to hear 2 the door is closed
op slot click to hear locked de deur is op slot click to hear the door is locked

English 'through' is also used to indicate a period of time, 'up to and including' - that is tot en met click to hear 2 in Dutch

maandag tot en met vrijdag click to hear Monday [up to an including] through Friday
maandag tot en met zaterdag click to hear Monday through Saturday

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