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(This page, focusing on learning words, is a short version of part of my Vocabulary Overview page)

Four Ways of Learning Words on my Website

1000 'Basic' Dutch Words    -   the most useful words to learn
Based on Ogden & Richardson's list of 850 'Basic English' words, "enough for everyday conversation." Most of the 'Basic' words are fairly common, but it's not a list of most popular or most frequently used words: in principle it's a list of words that are hard to describe by other 'Basic' words.

Basic Dutch Words: Nouns - Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs
     Prepositions etc.:  Pictorial / Lists: Systematic / Alphabetic
Basic Dutch Smartphone Pages

Learning the 'Basic' words may be a bit boring - you could alternate with words from the other groups below:

Pictures Dictionaries   -  about 40 pages, for instance:

[flame] [loaf of bread] [street] [a purple, almost black tulip and a pink tulip] [small bird, sparrow?]
Picture pages overview   -   Smartphone pictures pages

'Words by Subject'  -  not many pictures
for instance: family, medical, education, music, emotions, ships, military, Medieval, fairy tales, chemistry - choose subjects that you're interested in
Words by Subject overview

'Easy Dutch'  -  'Recognizable words'   -  "You already know these words"
Words that look and/or sound like the English words - many common words, but some obscure words - of course, skip what doesn't look useful to you. Maybe a good start if you're a native speaker or English or otherwise know English well. These pages also show the differences between Dutch and English spelling and pronunciation
Easy Dutch (3 pages)

"Smartphone"  -  1-column, narrow screen
As mentioned above, there are also 'smartphone versions' of the 'Basic Dutch Words' and pictures dictionaries:
Basic Dutch Smartphone Pages
Smartphone pictures pages

Tests, Exercises
Flashcards pages with vocabulary and listening tests, some with pictures
Flashcards Menu

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