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Basic Dutch Smartphone Pages Overview

For Mobile: smartphones-friendly pages of the Basic Dutch words: a series of pages with 1-column word lists in a larger font.

1000 'Basic' Dutch Words
- the most useful words to learn
Based on Ogden & Richardson's list of 850 'Basic English' words, "enough for everyday conversation." Most of the 'Basic' words are fairly common, but it's not a list of most popular or most frequently used words: in principle it's a list of words that are hard to describe by other 'Basic' words.

Man, Body and Mind  -  Animals
Tools, Matter, Materials
Buildings, House and Home
Clothes  -  Travel
Agriculture  -  Food and Drink
Time  -  Weather, Space
Reasoning, Science  -  Properties
Descriptive  -  Changes
Communication, Media  -  Business
Society  -  Military  -  Movements
Introduction to Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives and Adverbs:    1  -  2  -  3  -  4
Verbs  -  Prepositions (with pictures)

Smartphone Pictures Dictionary (page 1)
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