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Review your Dutch pronunciation

Take some time to improve your pronunciation of Dutch.
For each letter, hear hundreds of words with that letter.

On the pages, Repeat the words after me, try saying them like I do, and record yourself or ask a friend to compare how you say them with how I say them. Try to bring your pronunciation of the words closer and closer to how I say them. Use as few or as many examples as you like.

Hear the Dutch Letters in Hundreds of Words:
 AU/OU  CH  E  EI/IJ  EU  F  G  H  L  OE  SCH  U  UI  V  W  X  Y
(Series in progress)

Major Exceptions to the Phonetic Spelling of Dutch
- Page 1:   een   -IG   -ISCH   -LIJK  
- Page 2:   -B   -D   SCHR   -TIE   UW   WR

'Master Lists' of Dutch words: Dutch to English - English to Dutch

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'