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Dutch Spelling and Pronunciation (v.2)

The mysteries of double vowels and consonants explained

A Newer Version
Dutch Pronunciation and Spelling - general
Useful Words and Phrases for Travelers - Everyday Dutch for Reading and Conversation - Learning Dutch?

Dutch verbs and plurals will look much less confusing when you understand the Dutch spelling rules.


la lat laat latten (lat-ten) lade (la-de) laden (la-den) click to hear 2
ka kat kater (ka-ter) katten (kat-ten) click to hear 2
pa pas pa's passen (pas-sen) Pasen (Pa-sen) click to hear
na nat naad natte (nat-te) naden (na-den) click to hear
vete (ve-te) veto (ve-to) vette (vet-te) wedde (wed-de) weten (we-ten) wetten (wet-ten) click to hear 2
waden (wa-den) watten (wat-ten) Wadden (Wad-den) water (wa-ter) click to hear 2

More exceptions:

Combinations of two different vowels are always long

More Examples

cister - citer click to hear
baker - beker - bicarbonaat - bodem - stucadoor click to hear
dranken - drenken - drinken - dronken - rund click to hear
zacht - zegt - zicht - zocht - zucht click to hear
bas - bes - bis - bos - bus click to hear
lach - lachen - lag - laag - lagen - waggelen - mangelen click to hear
leg - leeg - leggen - legen - pech - thee click to hear
krik - krikken - krieken - smid - smiecht - wicht click to hear
knop - knoop - knoppen - knopen click to hear
mus - mussen - muze - muziek - muzikaal - mug click to hear
stug kus kussen spuug spugen beduusd click to hear
alvast - elkaar - ingang - omhoog - ukkie click to hear
Adorp - Alblasserdam - Ede - Emmen click to hear
Ieper - Ilpendam - Odijk - Olst - Ureterp - Uddel click to hear

For Intermediate and advanced students

Exercise - Dutch Pronunciation and Spelling (v.1)
Vowels Review - Consonants Review
Useful Words and Phrases for Travelers - Everyday Dutch for Reading and Conversation

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