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Let's hear some Dutch - get to work!

[a picture of me in denim work clothes]

Long Versions of Pictures Pages

[Brussels sprouts]
[A plate of fava beans, with bacon and potatoes]
[small saucepan

Bonus Material

Dutch Vowels listen to about a minute of each vowel sound

From A Speech by My Dad

Unlisted Pages, and Projects Dormant or In Development (imperfect)

Not Basic Dutch (now mostly incorporated in other pages)

more vowels material

First Dutch Words (An Introduction - moved to: - ff.)

Phrases Reorganized (Conversation Template Upgrade)
Communication - Health - Outdoors - Situations -

Towards a Dutch Thesaurus: Change - Say / Tell

Dutch Disambiguation: Common Words with More Than One Meaning

Zuyder Zee Story

Thesaurus? attempt

Two 'Jip en Janneke' Stories, with Translation

Dutch Pop & Rock Lyrics

Bonus Audio CD Contents

Raisin Bread / Stollen (pictures)

Marco's Song

Oh it will take a while
To make me smile
'fore I can find
The peace of mind
To relax, take things as they come
Oh, it will take some time

English with Dutch Accent

A Few Pointers and Examples

Kathy Maes's Standard Dutch Accent

'Theatre Version' Only

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