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Guide to the Hear Dutch Here Website

On my 100% free website you can find and learn almost all the Dutch you'll ever need. Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, lessons, exercises, conversation templates (examples of Dutch talk, by subject) - and you can hear tens of thousands of words and thousands of phrases and sample sentences. No registration, no signing-up, no hassle.
Lesson 1 - suggestions, resources - Program 3

Find Dutch Words:
My 'Master Lists' of Dutch words (pronunciation, links to examples)
Dutch to English - English to Dutch
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Hear Dutch Names

[The Face of Dutch]
Hallo click to
  hear 2
Welkom click to hear 2
[I'm smiling]
ik glimlach click to hear
[I'm laughing]
ik lach click to hear

everyday words and phrases - smartphone - casual visitor?

1-page summary - the most important Dutch pronunciation, spelling and grammar rules

Read and listen to Dutch words and texts (with English translation)

Learning Dutch? precise, strict program - lessons - suggestions, resources

Vocabulary: Learn Words and Phrases - Elementary - Advanced

Pronunciation: Learn - Reference

Grammar: overview
Verbs: the rules, special cases etc. 60 verbs, complete conjugation and sample sentences Word Order - smartphone version

Conversation Templates - examples of Dutch talk, by subject


What's New on the Website?

You Don't Need Much English - pictures, listening etc.

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'