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Dutch Opposites Flash Cards

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tegenovergesteld click to hear opposite
(het click to hear 2) tegenovergestelde click to hear 2 the opposite
To keep things simple, for an adverb, you could add niet click to hear 2 ('not') to it to make an opposite, or geen click to hear ('no, zero quantity') or niet een click to hear ('not a') for an adjective ‑>> but that's not great Dutch.
Many words can form an opposite or negative by adding the prefix on- click to hear 2 or the suffix -loos click to hear 2. See also the related page: on- and -loos
Adjectives' E-ending

the: de click to hear 2 / het click to hear 2 3 - 't click to hear ->>
Plurals always take 'de'
a: (een) - 'n click to hear / one: één click to hear 2 3

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'