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Introducing Hear Dutch Here Flash Cards
Learn 'Basic' Dutch Words

Dutch 'Basic' Words Flash Cards 1
(about 750 words - mostly nouns)

following the links ‑>> to some explanation,
examples and related words is optional

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Dutch Word?  —  de or het?

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the: de click to hear 2 / het click to hear 2 3 - 't click to hear ->>
Plurals always take 'de'
a: (een) - 'n click to hear / one: één click to hear 2 3

'Basic' Dutch Nouns Flashcards
    (by subject, 20 short pages)
'Basic' Dutch Nouns Listening Test
Flash Cards Intro
Learn 'Basic' Dutch Words

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'