Surveying (Laying Out Soccer Fields)

Pictures of a Survey Party

Pre-Surveying: Laying out The (Outer) Corners - Repainting

The paint may be especially formulated for grass, but where it really has staying power is on fabric and leather. Be very careful or wear old clothes and shoes that don't matter. Remember to remove spray can from machine before putting it into a car. Each team will have a jar of wipes to clean hands.
Early in the morning, fields are often very wet with dew or from waterering: sneakers will get sopping wet. You might want to wear leather shoes, overshoes or rubber boots. (Fields paint will also hold well on rubber.)

Paint Machines

The black 'machines' fold up for easy transport. Don't stack them, it may damage the rubber 'windshield' on the bottom; put them on their sides if you're transporting more than one. Please be careful with the cable when folding and unfolding. Tighten all wing nuts before use. (That may take a few seconds, but believe me, a loose handle wastes time.)
There is a spare wing nut attached to each machine. (1/4 - 20 wing nut.)

Painting The Lines


Fields Locations

Detailed Fields Diagrams

30x20 - 35x25 - 45x30 - 60x40 - 80x50 - 100x70

Specific Fields:

Multifield Sites: Addison School - Barron Park School - Escondido School - Hoover Park - Hoover School - Nixon School - Palo Verde School - Walter Hays School

[No Location Maps]: Fairmeadow School - Eleanor Pardee Park - El Carmelo School -Peers Park - Juana Briones Park - Robles Park

Single Field Sites: Duveneck School - Ohlone School - Ramos Park - Seale Park - JLS 1 (120x71) - JLS 2 (110x68) - JLS 3 (100x68) - (Terman 2) (106x62) - Greer Park -

Pre-Surveying: Laying out The (Outer) Corners
All Dimensions - Repainting - wands

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