PA Fields to Do map
location number
Duveneck School 22 B-4 1 60x40 Park on Channing
El Carmelo School 10 E-7 2 35x25
Escondido School 12 I-5 2 45x30 Park at service entrance on Stanford Ave?
Fairmeadow School 14 D-9 2 30x20
Greer Park 60 A-6 5 100x70 We only repaint fields #3 and #4
Hoover Park 26 D-7 4 45x30 Park in St. Mark's Church Parking Lot off Colorado
Hoover School 34 D-9 2 35x25 School Entry on Charleston close to Carlson, westbound
JLS 53 D-9 4 100x70 We only do field #4 (most North-East).
Nixon School 32 J-6 2 35x25 Park on Basketball Field (U-turn on large parking lot)
Ohlone School 40 B-6 1 60x40
Palo Verde School 38 B-8 2 30x20
Robles Park 72 F-9 1 60x40
Seale Park 8 B-7 1 80x50 Spring only. Stockton and Maddux, side entrance at Louis
Terman Middle School 52 G-10 2 100x70
Walter Hays School 24 D-4 2 30x20
Not all fields are used every Season
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