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Dutch Lines in Miracle on 34th Street

Both Santa Claus / Kris Kringle and the 'Dutch' girl in the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street' speak Dutch with an accent. Now of course nobody would expect Kris Kringle to be a native speaker of Dutch, he could speak Dutch with any accent (Arctic?) but for the people in the audience who know Dutch it's a disappointment that the supposedly Dutch girl speaks with an American accent. It's not credible that she cannot speak English. Shattering the illusion of reality. Would it have been so hard to find a really Dutch girl?
It's a long time ago that I saw the movie. I had assumed it would be about the same as the play, but Jeannine Kellogg pointed out to me that the Dutch lines I had from the play are not what's said in the movie. Thank you Jeannine!

The Movie

Kris: Hallo! Ik ben blij dat je gekomen bent. click to hear 2 - Hallo! click to hear
Hello! I'm glad you came by.
blij click to hear ('glad') - there is no sound like Dutch IJ click to hear in English, but here in the movie the actor says it about right
Girl: (Ooh) U bent Sinterklaas! click to hear 2 3
You are Sinterklaas!
U click to hear (there is no sound like Dutch 'long U' in English; it's not like OO in 'stoop')
Sinterklaas click to hear 2 ('aa' like A in 'Chicago')
K: Maar jazeker click to hear 2
But sure, certainly
G: Ik wist 't wel. click to hear 2
G: Ik wist zeker dat U me zou begrijpen click to hear 2 3
I knew it. I was sure you would understand me
begrijpen click to hear ('to understand') >> Dutch IJ is not like Y in 'my'
K: Natuurlijk! click to hear
K: Zeg maar wat je zou willen hebben van Sinterklaas click to hear 2
Of course! (Say) Tell me what you would like to have (receive) from Sinterklaas
G: Niks - ik heb van alles. click to hear 2
Nothing - I have all kind of things.
It would be better to say:
Niks click to hear - Ik heb al van alles. click to hear 2 OR: - Ik heb al zoveel. click to hear
Nothing - I *already* have all kind of things. /or/ I already have so many things.
G: Ik wil alleen maar bij deze lieve mevrouw blijven click to hear 2
All I want is to stay with this kind lady
The movie uses the word dame click to hear which means 'classy female'
K: Wil je voor me zingen? click to hear 2
Would you like to sing for me?
Maybe the script said mij click to hear - which the actor seems to say as 'may' - you could as well say the easier me click to hear
G, K: Sinterklaas kapoentje, geef wat in m'n schoentje
(see and hear complete song below) The traditional Dutch song says 'gooi' (throw, put) instead of 'geef' (give)
schoentje click to hear 2 ('little shoe') - there is no sound like Dutch SCH, CH or G in English; it's not like SH

Sinterklaas kapoentje,
Santa Claus ... (meaningless word - 'rooster' - just for rhyme and to fit the syllables pattern)
gooi wat in m'n schoentje,
put something in my (little) shoe
gooi wat in m'n laarsje,
put something in my (little) boot
dank u Sinterklaasje.
thank you (little) Santa Claus
hear the complete song - 2 - more Dutch Santa Claus songs

The Play

An actor who will remain unnamed ( click to hear ) asked me to read these lines from a play version, and added a few lines himself.
Kris: Ja, en wat is je naam, klein meisje?
Yes, and what is your name, little girl?
Girl: Marijke click to hear - I would recommend an 'easier' name, like Marieke click to hear
K: Marijke, waarom huil je zo?
Marijke, why are you crying [that badly]?
G: Omdat ik geen vriendinnetjes heb.
Because I don't have (any) (girl)friends
K: Geen vriendinnetjes heb! Als je een lief meisje bent en luistert naar je nieuwe moeder, dan vind je zo andere meisjes om mee te spelen, en die willen vast ook je vriendinnetjes zijn.
You have no friends? When you are a good girl and listen well to your new Mom, then you'll easily find other girls to play with, and I'm sure they'll want to be your friends.
G: Maar ik weet niet waar ik over moet praten.
But I don't know what to talk about.
K: Dan gaan we een St Nicolaasversje zingen. Ken je dat versje? We gaan het samen zingen.
Then we'll sing a Santa Claus song. Do you know that song? We'll sing it together.
hear the lines from the play - 2 - just the girl's lines (each repeated 3 times)

Alternate last line

This is more like regular Dutch to me ('liedje' instead of 'versje')

Kris: Dan gaan we een sinterklaasliedje zingen. Ken je dat liedje? We gaan het samen zingen. click to hear
Then we'll sing a Santa Claus song. Do you know that song? We'll sing it together.

Additional lines

On first meeting Santa, Marijke is a little surprised, because Santa looks a bit like the Dutch Sinterklaas; and at the end the actor playing Kris Kringle added a few lines saying goodbye.
Girl: Sinterklaas?
G: Dank U wel, Sinterklaas.
Thank you very much, Santa
Kris: Doe je best, Marijke.
Do your best, make the effort
hear the additional lines

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