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Tim Hardin
It's Only The Beginning
Tim Hardin writes Love Songs. About the difficulty of becoming, - of becoming a man, a lover, a husband, a father. His first record for CBS represents all that an artist would want to attain. A deeply personal statement lovingly brought to life, carefully nurtured in every step of its growth. Tim Hardin considers it the best he's ever done. And what makes it extra special - it's only the beginning.
(Suite for Susan Moore and Damion)

It's A Beautiful Day
It's a beautiful day whenever you play "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY". They're together the way a good jazz group should be.

Roy Harper
Listen with An Open Heart
Roy Harper, folk musician, sings of life and the experience of living.

Moog Machine
A Man and His Moog Machine
Walter Carlos with his Moog Machine plays electronically synthesised music - which means you can switch on to Bach or rock, hear it the way the current flows.

Is The World Ready for Moondog?
Moondog writes music in his head (because Moondog is blind). Moondog's music is in the style of the classics such as Tchaikovsky and Bach, yet somehow in the theme of life today.
Is this too rich a mixture?

Laura Nyro
Her Talent Goes Deeper Than The Words She Writes
Other artists have hits recording her songs. Now she sings and plays her own compositions on "Eli and the 13th Confession" and "New York Tendaberry". Laura Nyro - writer, composer, singer, performer - is here.

Magic Music from NRBQ
"Listen, here we have rock and roll and very magic rock and roll ... the power, the energy and the excitement ... a joyous ecstatic experience".
Mike Jahn

Tim Rose
- No Other to Compare
"The sudden presence of Tim Rose has, for me personally, posed an intriguing question. Was there a gap in pop music before he came along? His style is such that it owes nothing to any other performer ... his songs are real as life ... he is an artist who tears appreciation out of his audience ... he is an individual".
Mike Clifford

Pacific Gas and Electric
"Five more different and divergent personalities could not be conceived of - a Jew, a Christian, a Black, a Greaser and a WASP. What we have learned about one another in the year and a half that we have been together as the PG&E is: no matter how different we are in philosophies and life stlles, the common denominator between us is the music ..."

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