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Leonard Cohen
Did you ever get the feeling that you want to disengage yourself from life? To withdraw into some kind of solitary contemplation just to think about everything for a while? Everything. You. Her. It. Them
Well that's how a poet feels, because he's no different from everyone else. Except that he takes the time to put it all down on paper. Beautifully. And what makes Leonard Cohen a very different poet is that he turns poetry into songs. He did it for "SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN', his first album, and it achieved a rare kind of success.
And now there's "SONGS FROM A ROOM", the second Leonard Cohen album for the growing number of people who have identified with him. And what he feels. But don't have that rare poetic vision.
There could be millions of Leonard Cohens in the world. You may even be him yourself.

Bob Dylan
Did You Ever Hear Bob Dylan?
Listen again. That man smiling out at you has a lot to say. NASHVILLE SKYLINE is his personal statement about love. Real. Sensual. Beautiful. It's Dylan at his purest and simplest. There's no electronic gadgetry, because the music needs no justification. It just feels good.
Listen to NASHVILLE SKYLINE. And to Dylan's other discs too.
They'll make you feel good.
And that's where it's really at, isn't it?

Don Ellis
Don't Believe That Jazz about The Big Band Sound Coming Back
It ain't. It's here already. Way up front. Because Don Elis is into electronics. Polyrhythms. Tomorrow.

Moby Grape
Truly Great

Will Stop You in Your Tracks
Three-man band plays guitars and drums with mighty strength, individual style, hypnotic drama.

The Flock
Their Name is The Flock - Run with Them
The Flock is unique. A pace-setting new group. John Mayall (a musician's musician) called them the best band he'd heard in America. Listen to their album. See if you agree. Then run with the Flock. And watch them spread.

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