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Rod Argent, Russ Ballard, Robert Henrit, Jim Rodford, together working their own way, because they know what they want.

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Is Not Afraid to Be Different
The great themes of jazz, played with pure rock power in a big brass band.

Bloomfield - Kooper
Alone or Together
Al Kooper: composes, arranges, performs, produces his own music and records. Alone on "I Stand Alone", "You Never Know Who Your Friends Are", and "Introducing Shuggie Otis" (Alone?). Together with Mike Bloomfield on "Super Session" and "Live Adventures".
Mike Bloomfield: writes his own words and music. Plays guitar, piano, sings. Alone on "It's Not Killing Me". Together with Al Kooper on "Super Session" and "Live Adventures".

Marc Brierley
Says "Hello" to The Poetry of Rock

The Byrds
Always Beyond Today
"While there is an underlying consistency to all their work, The Byrds have a capacity to grow in a way uncommon to the pop scene. They are always pushing themselves to the next plateau, even with one eye glancing at their past ..." (John Landau)

Miles Davis
Fast and Light - and No Vibrato
Miles Davis plays the trumpet that way. Hear and enjoy.

Electric Flag
Straight-from-the-soul, dancing-in-the-streets, drum-splitting, flashing-brass fireworks.

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