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It Makes You Sweat
Pulsating African Rhythms. Hot Latin soul. Fused tightly together by the catalyst of rock.
Wild. Restless. Santana.
For your body as well as your soul.

"The music as a reflection of emotion is our form of communication and love with the universe. We want to bridge the gap between all kinds of music ... between all ages, all races, all kinds of styles ... What counts now is not "authenticity" but quality".

Simon and Garfunkel
Simon and Garfunkel Speak for Themselves
Paul Simon writes and sings songs about loneliness, love faded, time passing, the pains of youth. Sad songs, but they make you feel happier.

- impact jazz and blues from a five-man band.

Al Stewart
- a lone singer high on ideas.

Fillmore West
Buy This Album and Save over £100
There's only one place to go if you want to hear the sound that started the San Francisco rock scene rocking. The music house called Fillmore West. That hot bed of talent run by Bill Graham. With air fare and admission it could set you back over £100.
This is the first production of many from Bill Graham's Fillmore.

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