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Heri? Henri (young waiter)
Here are your hot chocolates.
And where in America are you ladies from?
isn't Saint Paul near the source of the Mississippi?
But you haven't drunk your hot chocolate.
Five Euros.
Are you going to drink them this time?
Is that an American expression?
Nobody likes a wise guy
So you know Marianne Mannefeldt?
Hmmm ... I thought you had a good chance to see who she was
when you stopped by the side of the canal up near the Vijzelstraat.
I must have been mistaken. Marianne's a regular customer here.
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Nuns in Mission in the Quarter ('de Walletjes')
I said what are you doing here?
So you are American girls are you? What are you doing in this part
of town?
Yes I am.
My name is Sister Anneke. Sister Katje (Kaatje?) and I founded this
mission. Why don't you come in and have a Coca-Cola or something?
Nice girls like you shouldn't be standing outside in the Quarter.
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Waiter at a nice Hotel
Yes, I gave them menus at the table there in the corner, then they
stepped outside to speak to someone.
Speak to sommeone?
Yes, miss, just a moment ago. A gentleman was at the street entrance
to the restaurant. He asked me to tell your mother and the young
lady that he wished to speak with them. I believe he was a Dutchman.
A good-looking man, wearing a raincoat.
Your mother asked me to watch her things, so they must be comig right back.
Someone would like to speak to both of you outside.
Certainly, Madam.
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Miesje (hotel owner's wife, heavy accent - not good English
Upstairs room fifteen. Toilet is -
I do not understand.
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Cab Driver
You shouldn't go to a place like that.
If I go to prison for this, will you pay the money to get me out?
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Sister Anneke
You're back again, little girl, where is your friend?
Why are you crying?
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Hanne? Hanna / Hannie (young woman, English is slow, but she pronounces it well)
I know. When I was fourteen, I tried to tell people something.
Something important. But no one ever believed me. What is your name?
I believe you, Kari
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Young woman (thick accent)
You are welcome.
Kari is lucky to have you for a mother.
This is where I live. The apartment should be empty, but I live
here with a friend. I do not know how to say it in English.
We are squatters, so we have a key for the building that someone
made for us, and so ... so ... when we must get in, I open the door.
Be thankful for your good life, little girl.
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(Marco comment) The Dutch word for squatters is: krakers click to hear

Tony (hotelier)
They've taken over the empty space. They're squatters.
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Jacob Hannekroot? Hanekroot (the 'bad guy')
Ms Sundgern, I find you with your daughter.
I've studied your face when you and your mother were standing in line
to see the Third Lucretia. It took me a moment to place you, then
I remembered we had met before under, shall we say, less pleasant
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Now I learn from my friend Heri that you and some little friend have
been spying on one of my friends. I believe, between the two of you ...
you know far too much about my situation. I should have run over you
in London, when I had the chance.
You try anything, little girl, and I'll shoot your mother now.
I was hoping my ... business partner would drive, but alas, I must do
it alone. So don't try anything or you'll regret it.
To a place where we can be alone and I can make some decisions.
I'll make you suffer for that.
If you try anhything, I'll mkae you very, very sorry.
That's for letting the girl out of the car.
Off and on for almost four years.
Six years. I knew her before she was married.
What's happening out there?
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Market stall woman
You need to call someone?
You do not need a telephone. The police station is just there.
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Police Officer Vanderwehr
Everyone in the Netherlands speaks English
You do, and who are you?
Jacob Hanekroot? The man from the Rijksmuseum who has been in all the
A man like that is not a kidnapper.
A gun. We have very few guns in the Netherlands.
You were in a car with him? This is not making any sense, Miss ...
You have your passport?
So, Miss Stickney, you come here with no passport and you say the
woman you were traveling with told you to get out of the car,
leaving her alone with this famous man from the Rijksmuseum you
say is a kidnapper. How do you know this Ms ... Sundgren and
Mr Hanekroot are not having a romance?
Of course. Everyone in the world has heard of that.
You say a woman you know has been kidnapped? Where is she being held?
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Don't be a dief (thief) / dievegge (female thief) - diefstal (theft) - stelen (to steal) - heler (dealer in stolen goods) - hear Dutch - 2