Bike Helmet Safety Pieces for March High or Middle School Newsletters

Bike Helmet Straps Fastening Crash Course

Some of you know that with a helmet on your head you'll have a much better chance to survive a bike crash (it's no accident) in reasonable shape than without a helmet. For those of you who prefer to have their helmets dangling from the handlebars we have found Mr Necro Mortus, formerly of the Houston, Texas Police Department, to teach a special class in speedily putting on that helmet when you see the crash coming.
An important segment of the class will deal with fastening the straps in that emergency situation, for with loose straps the helmet will just roll off and will not likely provide any protection.
A very entertaining film will be shown of the acrobatics (pirouettes, salto mortale, triple Axl etc.) that sometimes result from helmets dangling from handlebars.
Next Monday right after school in the meeting Hall at [Graveyard address].

Invisible Bike Helmet Straps

Hey Kids! It is so cool to have the straps of your bike helmet dangling loose. Daring. Almost worth the risk of brain damage. But, you know, a loose helmet is just going to roll off when you're in a crash, it's very unlikely that it will come between your head and that solid surface you'll hit. Your chances of surviving a crash without serious harm are so much better with a properly attached helmet.

Now, a recent breakthrough advance in plastics technology may let you avoid that difficult choice between being safe and looking cool. The German firm Spaethauf GmbH has developed a virtually invisible but strong material that has found an early application in bike helmet straps. Invisible helmets are still in development, but may be available this time next year.

Starting next week Friday, Our Town's Bike Shops will start selling these almost invisible bike helmet straps that will fit almost any helmet, so you can be safe and look cool at the same time. Police Spokesman Ulysses Oudeis said kids may still be stopped but won't get ticketed or sent to Traffic School if the helmet turns out to be strapped tightly.

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