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"Ga toch fietsen!" -hear- means literally: 'Go ride your bicycle, go biking!' but it also has a sense of 'I don't believe you!' - like 'Take a hike!'

'Echte Nederlandse FietsersBond,' The Real Dutch Bicyclists Federation, as opposed to the ANWB, 'Algemene Nederlandse WielrijdersBond,' the General Dutch Bicyclists Federation, which is really an Automobile Association. Originally, the ENFB was called ENWB, rubbing in the difference, but the ANWB sued and won. 'Wielrijder' is more formal and posh than 'Fietser'.

Fiets, fietser (bike, bicyclist)
Rijwiel, wielrijder (bicycle, bicyclist)
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More Dutch Bicycle Words

I'll ride my bicycle home .. (hear MP3) (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)

Dutch Bicycles

The best bike in the world (temporarily disabled.) It started out with a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internal hub that was a lot of trouble; then I had a Sachs 5-speed but its ball bearings wore out. Now I'm waiting for a Shimano, "the industry leader."

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Suggestions for links welcome. What happened to Fongers?

The origins of the Dutch word 'fiets' for bicycle are unclear. It is usually considered to be a corruption of the French vélocipède, but the people of the small town of Wageningen (15 miles west of The Bridge Too Far) like to think it has to do with their blacksmith Viets.

("Federation-Approved Bike Repair, 3rd Grade
Trading and Renting Bicycles
Educational Insititute for Bicycling
Blacksmith and Stove Warehouse, Baby Carriages, Sports Carts etc.")
(If I remember right, Mr Viets' family still ran a smithy opposite Hotel 'De Wereld,' where the German forces in Holland surrendered to the Allies in 1945.)

Sheldon Brown, Bicycle Guru
Sturmey Archer Gears

Hoover Elementary Trafffic Safety Issues (archival)

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