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from: Vickery & Fries: Take Care of Yourself (Addison-Wesley 1994)

It is entirely possible to draw
a clear Braille picture of this decision chart,
but a description is way easier to read.

Number the question boxes. Then make a table like:


  1. Is the weakness confined to one area of the body?
    yes: go to 2.
    no: go to 3.
  2. Is it present now?
    yes: See doctor today
    no: Make appointment with doctor
  3. Is the weakness associated with flu or cold symptoms?
    yes: See: Colds and Flu, page 225.
    no: go to 4
  4. Is the weakness associated with stress of tension?
    yes: See: Stress, Anxiety and Grief, Page 384.
    no: Apply home treatment.
The blind people I worked with never liked graphics, the unfamiliarity, and the material is not pleasant to the touch; that's why I would choose to translate this one to text, also taking into account that it will be read under less-than-ideal circumstances.


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