Medium and Full-Size Soccer Fields

Field size
60x40 80x50 100x70
C 120' 150' 210'
D 60' 75' 105'
E 90' 120' 150'
F 180' 240' 300'
A 216'4" 283' 366'2"
B 150' 192' 258'1"
R 24' 30' 30'
Corner Arcs Radius: 3'
'Technical Line' (broken): 60' long, 3' from touch line
(on both sides of the field)

On the largest field, the triangulation is to the halfway line because our measuring tapes don't exceed 300 feet.

Penalty Area dimensions: see next page

Field conditions like anchored goals or encroaching baseball diamonds may dictate field size. Use Pythagoras' theorem to recalculate the diagonals you'll need for triangulation. Bring a calculator with a square root function when you're surveying.

a2 + b2 = c2

Though the width and length of fields may vary, the inner dimensions (penalty area size etc.) should be standard.

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